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Roselma Lake Sinclair and her husband Eddie were the founders of the Clan Sinclair Association of Canada. For her husband's 73rd birthday, Roselma put together an album of memories. What follows is in Roselma's words.

Roselma's husband Eddie Sinclair - Click to see her album's dedication page

To Edward Gladstone Sinclair on the occasion of his 73rd birthday from his wife Roselma.

This book of photographs and memorabilia is an attempt to record the story of one branch of the Sinclair Clan whose fore-father, Alexander Sinclair came to America in the late 1840's, from Kincardine-on-Forth.

It also represents the efforts of Edward G. Sinclair, Alexander's great-grand-son to preserve for his family and relatives some knowledge of their own history and that of their Scottish ancestors.

If over two decades the primary focus has somewhat changed to take on a more National concept and this year with the introduction of Clan Sinclair (USA) an International distinction, this more than confirms the success of the venture.


The First Reunion - 1960. It was held in Cleveland at the home of Marion Abell Ecclestone. Family Trees were presented to all the immediate branches of the family.

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Aleck Sinclair's progeny - Edward and his family. Aleck the eldest son of the eldest son of the 1st. Alexander Sinclair: Edward Leonard Sinclair.

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Aleck Sinclair, His son Edward G. and grandsons Sandy, Ian and Rory.

[ L-R: Sandy, Aleck, Eddie, Ian, Rory ]


Sandy, Grandfather Sinclair and Edward (1964) - Click for the 1960s album pages

A trip to Scotland in 1963 was committed to petitioning the Lord Lyon of Scotland Thomas Innes of Learney to approve arms for Edward's father Aleck. A fifth generation Sinclair in Canada. Arms were duly granted on December 12th, 1963.

A memorable visit to Delgatie Castle and a friendship formed with its owner Hay of Hayfield and Lady Hay, 1963.

A return to Cleveland 1963. Stroths had moved to Euclid Beach.


Dr. Macfarlane and Roselma Sinclair, Renfrewshire 1970 - Click for the album

October 1970: A second trip to Scotland - a courtesy journey to lay a corner-stone on behalf of the county of Renfrew, Ontario Canada in the new county building in the county of Renfrew, Scotland.

Just beginning to discover our ancient Scottish history - in Thurso and Halkirk met the Hon. Robin Sinclair, now Viscount Thurso. Also stayed in Robin Sinclair's hotel in Halkirk and visited one of the royal hunting lodges now owned by the Carmichaels.

A pilgrimage to ancient castle of the Caithness Sinclairs - Girnigo Castle (1970).

Rosslyn Chapel 1970 - the famous Apprentice Pillar.


In 1972 the City of Toronto feted many of the clan associations which gave impetus to idea of a Clan Sinclair Association.

16 LeCaron, site of first Clan Sinclair Association meeting, 1973 - Click for the album pages

1973 - The inauguration of the Scottish World Festival at the Canadian national Exhibition and the prompting of John MacDonald to set up a Sinclair Clan Ass. gave rise to the first clan meeting of the immediate family.... First meeting held at 16 LeCaron Deep River 1973.

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CSAC meeting 1974 - Click for the album pages

1974 - The second meeting of the Clan Sinclair Association was a gala affair held in the new home, 26 Alma Street Norwood. The meeting was followed by pipes and drums and an expensive dinner at Rolands (everyone had to dig in their pockets to pay for it).

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1978 - The Rt. Hon. Malcolm Sinclair, Earl of Caithness, Chief of Clan Sinclair and his wife, the Countess of Caithness were guests of the Scottish World Festival in 1978. A ceilidh was held in the Hotel Toronto for the members of the Association hosted by the President, Dr. Edward Sinclair.

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1979 - A ceilidh was held in Little Harbour in August. It received local, national and international coverage.

President at the Parade - Click to see album pages for 1980


1980 - President Eddie of Clan Sinclair Ass. of Canada heading the parade to the National Exhibition Grounds in the posh Godfather's Car - 1980 August.

Family tombstone - Click to see the album page for 1981


1981 - Niagara Falls. Visited Janet McCarthy. She took us to the Cemetery where we found Great-Grandfather's grave stone but only Henrietta his wife was buried there and children, Grandfather's name was on the stone but not the coffin.

Norwood. In August Leah & George Kennedy came to visit. Sandy drove over from Newmarket and we had an Executive meeting.


R. Malcolm "Mac" Sinclair with his daughter, Nancy E. Staveley (later Nancy Neill) - Click to see the album pages for 1982

1982 brought in a new Pres., "Mac" Sinclair of Kingston.

Mac & His daughter Nancy, the new Sec. Treas.

L-R: Eileen Sinclair ("Mrs. Mac"), Col. John Sinclair the Clan Piper, Roselma Sinclair and Eileen's son Donald - Click to see the album pages for 1982



Col John, the Piper with Eileen & Son, Douglas.

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