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: Residents of Québec, and others living outside our present areas of activity are welcome to join the Clan Sinclair Association of Canada. For details, please contact any of our volunteers.

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[Page last updated 31 July 2011]

The Clan Sinclair Association of Canada expects to participate in the following Highland Games:

  • Victoria BC, 20–22 May 2011. The 148th Victoria Highland Games & Celtic Festival is held in British Columbia's capital on Vancouver Island, on the Victoria Day long weekend. The traditional Scottish Games are on the Sunday, which is the second day of the International Heavy Events Challenge. [Recommendation: While you're on the Island, attend the Comox Valley Highland Games up-Island on the Saturday, and victoria's on Sunday, then stay over for Monday's Victoria Day parade!]. In 2012, the Victoria Games are 19–20 May.
  • Georgetown ON, Saturday 11 June 2011. The Georgetown Highland Games are a one–day event with the traditional competitions, including dancing, piping, drumming, a large pipe band competition and Mens and Ladies Scottish Heavyweights Competitions. Note: Georgetown is in Halton Hills, in the Greater Toronto Area, about 60 km west of downtown Toronto. In 2012, the Georgetown Games are 09 June.
  • Metropolitan Vancouver, 25 June 2011. The BC Highland Games & Scottish Festival, the longest running Games on mainland British Columbia, are held under the auspices of The United Scottish Cultural Society. A free Park & Ride service is available from Coquitlam Centre to the venue, Percy Perry Stadium. This year CSAC is participating in the BC Games for the first time, as part of our 2011 Gathering, and our clan chief will attend.Always the last Saturday in June, in 2012 the BC Games will be 30 June.
  • Halifax NS The Halifax Highland Games & Scottish Festival, where Clan Sinclair was a regular participant, has closed after 40 years because of "rising costs, sponsor fatigue and the difficulties of finding adequate committee replacements." However, the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo is held 1–8 July 2011 every year, in the Halifax Metro Centre.
  • Antigonish NS, 9 July 2011. The Antigonish Highland Games, first held in 1863, are the oldest continuous Highland Games outside Scotland. The Games are the week of 3–10 July 2011, and Clans Day is Saturday 9 July. Note: Antigonish is the official host games for the 9th International Gathering of the Clans in Nova Scotia, 24 June to 24 July 2011. The Antigonish Games will return in 2012.
  • Cambridge ON, Saturday 16 July 2011. The Cambridge Highland Games, now in their 36th year, start on the Friday night with a Scottish Pub Nite Ceilidh and continue to a full Saturday with lots of competitions and other events. Note: Cambridge is in southern Ontario, in the Waterloo region.In 2012, the Cambridge Games are 20–21 July.
  • Fergus ON, Saturday 13 August. The Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games are 12–14 August, and Clan Sinclair traditionally attends on the Saturday. Note: Fergus is about 100 km W of downtown Toronto, 25 km NNE of Guelph.

For more information on Clan Sinclair participation in Canadian Highland Games, please contact one of the CSAC volunteers in that area.

Highland Games and Scottish Festivals are always in need of both money and volunteers. If you can attend a Highland Games, please contact the organizers in advance and volunteer some of your time to the event.



Our clan in the Maritimes, the Clan Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia, generally has an Annual Gathering and AGM in the summer or early fall. The Clan also participates in Highland Games at Halifax [on hiatus] and Antigonish in early July.

For information on Clan Sinclair in the Maritimes, and to arrange meetings, please contact volunteers in the Nova Scotia Branch.



The Ontario Division generally has a Gathering in Toronto in the late Winter or early Spring, and another in late Fall to celebrate the birthday of our clan chief. In between times, they can join the Chief's piper, Rory Sinclair, and his band Gordon's Acoustic Living Room at their monthly Free Times gig.

Clan Sinclair also regularly participates in Ontario Highland Games. You can generally find our tent on the Saturday at Georgetown in mid June, Cambridge in mid July, and Fergus in mid August.

For information on Clan Sinclair Canada's activities in Ontario, or to arrange meetings, please contact a Division Vice-President or other CSAC volunteers.



Clan Sinclair Association (Western Canada) meets every Spring, in Victoria BC or in the Vancouver metropolitan area. We particularly welcome new participants from inland BC, the Territories and the Prairie provinces.

This branch of the Clan annually participates in the Victoria Highland Games in May, on the Victoria Day long weekend, and in 2011 we will be at the BC Highland Games on the last Saturday in June.

For details about our Annual Gathering, or to arrange meetings in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or the Territories, please contact Western Branch volunteers.



The 2011 CSAC International Gathering and general meeting, in Metro Vancouver 23—25 June 2011, was the first of our quadrennial gatherings held in the West. The site of the 2015 Gathering has not yet been decided.



Read about the battle at Wikipedia

In conjunction with the 400th anniversary of the Massacre of the Scots at Kringen on 26 August 1612, there are tentative plans for the next Clan Sinclair International Mini Gathering to be in Norway. Watch for announcements in Roslin O Roslin.


Photo of monument over battle site: Wikimedia Commons


Read about the battle at Wikipedia

The next major Clan Sinclair International Gathering is planned a year early, to coincide with Second Homecoming year in Scotland and celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn on 24 Jun 1314. Watch for announcements in Roslin O Roslin.

Photo of Bruce statue at Bannockburn: Wikimedia Commons from Geograph.org.uk


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