The Chief's Visit to Toronto
November 2004

The Chief of Clan Sinclair, The Right Honorable The Earl of Caithness PC, visited Toronto in 2004 as the Guest of Honour at the St Andrew's Ball on Saturday, November 27th. The following evening, he dropped in to The Free Times Café, and on Monday he was feted at a belated birthday celebration / pot luck at 133 Major Street, the home of CSAC President Rory Sinclair.

Here are the photos we have so far received for the website:

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Dinner at the St Andrew's Ball (L-R): Shirley Sinclair Elford; Mary Selver, Secretary, Clan Sinclair USA; Brian Veloci and Pamela Dwyer, daughter of Rory's sister Heather Sinclair.

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Rory Sinclair and Malcolm Caithness share a laugh.

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Rory reports: "The St. Andrew's Ball - the end of the evening! We are all relaxing after dancing all night and the 48th Highlanders are preparing to Beat Retreat.

"Front Row (L-R): Rev Malcolm Sinclair, President, St Andrew's Society; Elspeth Sinclair, spouse of Pres.; Mary Selver, Sec. Clan Sinclair USA; The Chief, Guest of Honour at 2004 St Andrew's Ball; Peter Brady, son of Elspeth."


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The day after Toronto's St Andrew's Ball, the Sinclair Clan Chief visited Toronto's Free Times Café where CSAC President Rory Sinclair's Celt-pop band was playing. Electric Scotland webmaster Alastair McIntyre, now a resident of Canada, also dropped by and took some photos of the event, including this one of Clan Sinclair USA's Mary Selver chatting with Lord Caithness.

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Pictured (L-R): the Chief, Malcolm Caithness; the CSAC President, Rory Sinclair; CSAC Vice President for Central Ontario, Glen Sinclair; and CSAC member Margaret Near. The party was a pot luck - following established tradition, Glen brought the haggis!

The portrait over Rory's shoulder is of his grandfather, Major Alec Sinclair of the 48th Highlanders - Boer War, WW I and WW II (training only).

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As the Chief's Piper, Rory had played in Rosslyn Chapel for the wedding of the Earl of Caithness earlier that month.

His own portrait, right, was nearing completion at the time of the chief's birthday celebration.


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