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Castle Sinclair Girnigoe from the sea
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This photo of the castle with its scaffolding, taken from the sea by Tom Richard on 9 October 2004, appeared on the front page of Caithness.org, the Caithness Community Web Site and may still be found in its October 2004 Headlines Archive. More photos in their Caithness... - Castles pages.


Halkirk Games 2004 opening procession
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Another photo from the Caithness Community Web Site, in the Entertainment - Local Galas section, shows Margaret Lady Thurso, Chieftain of the Halkirk Games, carrying a "cromach", leading the 2004 opening procession with her elder son John Thurso (left) and Peter Murchison, head of the Games committee.

To explore the Caithness Community Web Site, go to www.Caithness.org.


The Chief at Castle Sinclair Girnigoe
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This photo from about 2000 is of the hereditary chief of Clan Sinclair, the Earl of Caithness, at his ancestral seat, Castle Sinclair Girnigoe. Photo posted by David Sinclair-Sherratt in his Friends and Family Photo Album:


Niven Sinclair in Thurso
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Another photo from the Friends and Family Photo Album shows senior clansman Niven Sinclair taking a bow at a Clan meeting. Photo: William D Sinclair @ BL Hall, Thurso.

This album links back to the Nosshead Lighthouse Window, which has photos of the ClanSinclair Study Centre and the Niven Sinclair Library, and the nearby castle.

To see more photos in David Sinclair-Sherratt's Friends and Family album, go to http://members.lycos.co.uk/Girnigoe/family.htm.


Rory Sinclair and his smallpipes at GMHG 2004
- more photos from Mel's Highland Games page

Mel Sinclair posted many photos and a report on the 2004 Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linville, North Carolina at his family website: ClanSinclairSC.org.

This photo is of Clan Sinclair Canada's President, Rory "Gus" Sinclair, playing his smallpipes at the Saturday reception.

Dirleton Castle in the Snow
- more at Andrew Spratt's page

This winter photo of Dirleton Castle, about 25 miles east of Edinburgh, is on Andrew Spratt's page of photos, prints and narratives, also at Mel Sinclair's family website.

(Andrew Spratt, custodian at Dirleton Castle, presents slide shows on Scottish history for schools and societies.)

To read more at Mel Sinclair's Family Website, go to www.ClanSinclairSC.org.


Click for more of Alastair's photos from Georgetown 2004

The website Electric Scotland sponsors a Best Clan Tent award at selected Highland Games. During his visit to Ontario in June 2004, webmaster Alastair McIntyre attended the Georgetown Highland Games and took this photo of our Clan Sinclair tent in the bright sunshine. Clan genealogist Wanda Sinclair, who may be glimpsed inside, is a regular at the Georgetown Games.

Chatting at the Free Times Café - Click for more photos

The day after Toronto's St Andrew's Ball, the Sinclair Clan Chief visited Toronto's Free Times Café where CSAC President Rory Sinclair's band was playing. Electric Scotland webmaster Alastair McIntyre, now a resident of Canada, also dropped by and took some photos of the event, including this one of Clan Sinclair USA's Mary Selver chatting with the Earl of Caithness.

To explore the Electric Scotland website, go to www.ElectricScotland.com.


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