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L–R: David Sinclair, Rev. Ian Stewart, Dr. Eddie Sinclair, brothers Harold, Jack and Bill Sinclair, Mac Sinclair and George Sinclair.

Eileen and Mac Sinclair. Having served as President 1982–1987, and newsletter editor 1982–1995, R. Malcolm "Mac" Sinclair (1921–2006) was appointed Honorary President of the Clan Sinclair Association of Canada.



L–R: Gordon Archibald, Mac Sinclair, David Sinclair, Alasdair Sinclair, David Sinclair Bouschor of Clan Sinclair USA, Harold Sinclair.



Front Row: Hélène and Mark Finnan
Back Row, L–R: Bill Sinclair, Roger Sinclair, Barbara Sinclair Barnard, Jean Sinclair, Scott Sinclair, Andrew Poplowski and friend (Society for Creative Anachronism), Anne Gunn and Jack Sinclair.


L–R: Donald Colp, Marie Sinclair, Barbara Sinclair Barnard, Bill and Jean Sinclair, and Jack Sinclair.


Society for Creative Anachronism performance for the gathered Sinclairs and friends.



L–R: Bill Sinclair, CSAC President; Barbara Sinclair Barnard, CSSNS President; and the Earl of Caithness, hereditary chief of the Clan Sinclair.

L–R: Scott Sinclair, designer of the Memorial; Barbara Sinclair Barnard of Clan Sinclair Nova Scotia; Jean and Bill Sinclair, CSAC; Captain John Prosper, Mi'kmaq Grand Council; the Earl of Caithness, Sinclair Clan Chief; and Rory "Gus" Sinclair.

For photos of the Sword of Peace ceremony at the Memorial, click here.



L–R: Bill Lewis; Bill Sinclair, CSAC President; Their Excellencies, Hon. and Mrs. James Kinley; and Jack Sinclair.

[Hon. J. James Kinley, of Lunenburg, was Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia from 1994 to 2000.]


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