Clan Sinclair Association Canada
Nova Scotia 1995

Photos taken at the Clan Sinclair Association Canada Gathering in Nova Scotia, 1995. For a report on the Gathering by Lee St Clair, click here.

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L-R: Rory "Gus" Sinclair and Mary Newberry, of Toronto; Niven Sinclair, visiting from the UK; and R. Malcolm "Mac" Sinclair, long-time President and Editor, now Honorary President of Clan Sinclair Association Canada.

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L-R: Rory Sinclair and Bill Sinclair, officers of CSAC; Niven Sinclair of the UK; Jack and Harold Sinclair of Nova Scotia.

Brothers Bill, Jack and Harold Sinclair are descended from the Sinclairs of Goshen, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.

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Rory Sinclair, left, and Niven Sinclair flanked by Eileen and Mac Sinclair.

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August 21, 1995: After the church service, King's United Church, Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia.

Back row, L-R: Harold Sinclair, Mac Sinclair, Bill MacLennan, Jack Sinclair, W.E. "Bill" Sinclair, James St Clair. Bill MacLennan was the Chairman of the International Gathering of the Clans.

Front row, L-R: Niven Sinclair, Eileen Sinclair, Dr. Jessie MacLeod, Rory Sinclair, Alistair Sinclair, Jean Sinclair. Rev. MacLeod was the Guest Minister - read her sermon here (in our Articles section).


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