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Photos of the Early Days

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L-R: Edward and Roselma Sinclair, of Norwood Ontario, founders of the Clan Sinclair Association Canada, with Mina and Harold Sinclair of Nova Scotia.


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L-R: Eileen Sinclair (Mac's wife); John Sinclair, first Clan Piper, descendant of Iain Dall Mackay, great piper of the 1650s; CSAC co-founder Roselma Sinclair; Mac and Eileen's son, Donald Sinclair.


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R. Malcolm "Mac" Sinclair with his daughter, Nancy Staveley (later Nancy Neill). Having served both as national president and as newsletter editor; Mac is now the Honorary President of Clan Sinclair Association Canada.


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CSAC co-founder Edward Sinclair with Jack Sinclair of Halifax (brother of Bill and Harold).


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Photo in 1979 Halifax newspaper article (L-R): David Sinclair Bouschor of Duluth, Minnesota, founder of Clan Sinclair USA; Dr. Edward G. Sinclair of Norwood, Ontario, co-founder of Clan Sinclair Canada; A. Gordon Archibald of Halifax, Nova Scotia, chairman of the International Gathering of the Clans, 1979.

Clan Sinclair Association Canada was officially one year old.

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Left: After the Church Service at Loch Katrine, Goshen, Nova Scotia.

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Stained Glass window, Forbes United Church, Loch Katrine, near Goshen, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.


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