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Photos 1998-1999

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L-R: William Sinclair and Rory Sinclair at the Clan Sinclair Tent, Cambridge Ontario Games, 1998.


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Three legged stool, L-R: Malcolm Caithness from the UK, Sinclair Clan Chief; Brad Barker of Clan Sinclair USA; and Rory "Gus" Sinclair of Clan Sinclair Canada. Westford, 1998.

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Sinclair Mini Pipe Band, L-R: David Mason, Steve Snoddy and Rory Sinclair, playing for those gathered in Westford, 1998.


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Late night ceilidh, L-R: The Chief; Debbie Howes, keyboard; Phil Howes, fiddle; and Rory Sinclair, Highland pipes.


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L-R: Mark Finnan, author of The Sinclair Saga, with Bill Sinclair, CSAC President, at the book launch, Halifax Nova Scotia 1999.

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L-R: Rory Sinclair, CSAC Secretary; author Mark Finnan; and Glen Sinclair at the Sinclair Saga book launch.

[ Glen Sinclair is the CSAC Vice-President for Central Ontario and the CSAC representative to CASSOC - the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada .]


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