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Prices are all-inclusive, in Canadian or US dollars. You need not be a CSAC member (membership details here) to buy from the clan shop. Some of these items may be available at Clan Sinclair meetings or from the Clan Sinclair tent at Highland Games.

To purchase by mail, send money orders or cheques payable to Clan Sinclair Association (Canada), together with your mailing address, to the CSAC Secretary. Purchasers outside of Canada and the USA are asked to contact the Secretary in advance re cost and shipping.

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The proceeds from all sales benefit Clan Sinclair Association Canada (CSAC). Items from the Rosslyn Chapel Trust (RCT), the Friends of Rosslyn (FoR) and the Clan Sinclair Trust (CST) also benefit those organizations.

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Clan Sinclair Canada is a proud member of CASSOC, the Clans and Scottish Societies of Canada.

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Rosslyn Chapel by the Earl of Rosslyn (RCT)
The guide released 1999 by the Rosslyn Chapel Trust.
The Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness and Goshen
by the Rev. Alexander Maclean Sinclair, F.G.S.C., LL.D.
Originally published in 1901, this important book has been re-issued by the Association.

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CD: The World Through A Piper's Fingers: Tunes from Rory Sinclair and friends: In Celebration of The 3rd International Gathering of Clan Sinclair, Scotland, 2010 has 12 tracks of World music, including Lost on the Bayou, Redemption Song, Highland Cathedral and Watermelon Man.

For samples from Piper's Fingers, and to read some of the liner notes, click here.

The cost in Canadian or US dollars includes shipping. For shipping to countries other than Canada and the USA, purchasers are asked to contact the Secretary in advance.

CD: Clan Sinclair Canada Salutes the 2005 Sinclair Gathering: Music & Song in Honour of Our Roots, features old favorites as well as original music and song composed and performed by the Rev. Malcolm Sinclair and Rory Sinclair. Benefits CSAC and CST.

To read the liner notes for Our Roots, click here.

CD: Rosslyn Chapel Suite CD for the Sinclair 2000 Gathering, by Rory Sinclair and the Rev. Malcolm Sinclair. Benefits RCT and CST. A must-have!!
  • Rosslyn Chapel Suite: a five part tribute to Rosslyn Chapel composed and played by Rory Sinclair on the bagpipes.
  • Amazing Grace: A Spirit Song of Return written and sung by the Rev. Dr.  Malcolm Sinclair with Rory Sinclair on guitar. Striking performance.
  • Several other songs and pipe tunes.
To read notes about the 2000 CD, and to listen to selections, click here.

Video: Rosslyn Chapel by the Earl of Rosslyn (RCT)
Beautifully photographed, lovingly described.
Video: The Coast of Caithness (CST)
Our love affair with the sea on video.
Video: Sinclair Castles (CST)
Sites of the Sinclair castles in Scotland.

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Clan Sinclair (Canada) lapel pin
Black engrailed cross with a red maple leaf in the centre, on a white background.
CSAC Flag, full size, nylon
White flag with a black engrailed cross, a red maple leaf in the top left.

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