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Baronets and Knights

Life peerages are individual distinctions; otherwise, peerages are inherited, but have varied rules of inheritance, and some may be inherited by women. Heritable peerages expire when there is no qualified heir. Many peers have more than one title; they may also have baronetcies and knighthoods.

Baronets and knights are not peers. A baronetcy is inherited; as for a knighthood, its holder is addressed as "Sir". A knighthood is an individual distinction.

Here is a list of some St Clair and Sinclairs who are:

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Peerages held by families named St Clair or Sinclair, and life peerages:


Baronetcies held by families named St Clair or Sinclair:


Knighthoods held by people named St Clair or Sinclair:

  • Sir Clive Sinclair - A well-known British inventor and entrepreneur knighted in 1983. Perhaps most famous for the pocket calculator and the Sinclair personal computer, London-based Sir Clive Marles Sinclair was also the chairman of British Mensa from 1980 to 1997. His company Sinclair Research presently makes online sales of the Wheelchair Drive Unit, the SEA-DOO Seascooter, and the miniature Z1 AM radio, and is expected to also sell the new folding A-bike.


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