The Sinclair Saga
by Mark Finnan

This review of The Sinclair Saga, by Mark Finnan (Formac), appeared in the Autumn 1999 issue (Vol 3 No 17) of Roslin O Roslin.

by Ian A. Sinclair

Mark Finnan first became aware of Prince Henry Sinclair during his work on a previous book, Oak Island Mystery. As more information came to his attention, and time permitted, he embarked on a study of the stories, evidence and places associated with the voyage of Prince Henry to North America in 1398. This book, whose title aptly reflects both the Norse ancestry of Prince Henry and the Zeno Narrative which describes the voyage, is the result of that study.

The author explores the Viking and Templar traditions that formed part of Prince Henry's inheritance, the written evidence including works by Frederick J. Pohl and the Zeno Narrative, and the physical evidence that may relate to his visit that exists today, notably the site at New Ross, and that of the Westford Knight in New England. He looks at the possible connection to the Legend of the Holy Grail and to the Mi'kmaq legend of Glooscap.

Finally, he describes the celebrations of July, 1998, in Nova Scotia commemorating the 600th Anniversary of the voyage.

This book is very readable in both length and style. The author writes clearly and concisely and reduces the information in much longer books down to that which is relevant to the voyage of Prince Henry. In addition, Mr.Finnan takes the reader with him as he walks on the site at New Ross, Rosslyn Chapel or in Orkney at the Sinclair Symposium. Through his senses we gain an added dimension to this remarkable story. The reader's understanding is aided significantly by a number of charts, pictures and sketches.

The Sinclair Saga is a thorough compilation of the current understanding of the voyage of Prince Henry Sinclair. For the reader of previous books on the subject, it is an enjoyable summary of known facts and theories. For the reader new to the topic, it is a skillful and complete examination of the subject. It would be right at home in the library of any Sinclair!


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