1920 Sinclair Reunion
in Middlesex County

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Western Canada member Lois Carson Boyce of Richmond BC brought a panorama photograph labelled, "Sinclair Clan, Centennial, July 1st 1920" to the 2005 CSAWC meeting. The photograph is of about 150 attendees at a reunion marking the 1820 arrival of their Sinclair ancestors in Canada. Young Lois Carson, in a bonnet, is on her mother's knee. Her family first settled in Lobo Township (near London ON).

Click for the 3400x781 version (529 MB)

Lois's print of this panorama was 7½ by 33 inches. Stephen Sinclair of Sinclair Design had the photo scanned - its digital representation above is just 535x122 pixels, to recognize the faces, you need a higher resolution: 3400x781 or 6636x1524. There are 153 people in this photo — for a 3400x758 copy with all the people numbered (Lois is #74), click here.


The Sinclairs of Lobo Twp. were immigrants from the county of Argyll, Scotland. Antonia Sinclair of Buckhorn ON, whose family's roots also go back to Argyll, has a booklet about the pioneers of Middlesex Co. that lists, among the earliest settlers of Lobo Twp.:

  • John Sinclair of Clacha Dubha, 1820. Children:
    • Alex, Neil, Nancy (Mrs. Peter McVicar)
    • Eliza (Mrs. Sinclair)
    • Sarah (Mrs. Richardson)
    • Kate (Mrs. Perry)
    • Mary (Mrs. Donald McKinley)
    • Margaret (Mrs. Dugald McArthur)
  • John Sinclair, from Coire Buidhe, 1820. Children:
    • Archibald, on the old farm,
    • Lachlan
    • Sarah (Mrs. Peter McVicar, Sarnia)

Lois, who was born 24 Nov 1918 on a farm near West Lorne ON, is descended from Peter Sinclair of Coire Buidhe, one of John's younger brothers.

Contacted through the Sinclair-Discussion list, Lois's distant cousin Kozy Tennant explained that Coire Buidhe was an ancient village in the Loch Awe Region of Argyll — the village is gone but its location may be seen south of Loch Avich at about coordinates 193420,713445 on Streetmap.co.uk.

The 1920 celebration marked the 1820 arrival from Scotland of John's parents Sally McIntyre and Lauchlin Sinclair. Married in Dalavich, Kilchrenen, Argyleshire, Scotland on 12 Jul 1787, Sally McIntyre and Lauchlin Sinclair would have been in their 60s when they immigrated. Lauchlin, whose father was another John Sinclair, lived on until 1836 and was buried in McLean's Cemetery, Caradoc Twp., Middlesex Co. ON.

While researching, Kozy came across the book, "Heritage of Lobo 1820 – 1990" published in 1990 by the Lobo Township Heritage Group, RR2 Ilderton, Ontario, Canada N0M 2A0. This book notes that John Sinclair and his sister Sarah came to Canada in 1819, and John started work on his homestead in Lobo while Sarah stayed in Ancaster, then the rest of their family followed in 1820 — except for John and Sarah's brother Lachlan, a shepherd, who had died in Scotland. The crossing took three months from Greenock [near Glasgow], and they transferred at Montreal to smaller boats for the voyage to Little York, picking up Sarah along the way.

John's homestead was Lot 6, Concession 6, Lobo. In June 1798 he had married Euphriamates (Effie) Johnson in Kilcalmonell, Argyll. Effie's parents also immigrated to Middlesex Co. Kozy Tennant is descended from their daughter Sarah — her daughter Effie Kennedy was Kozy's great-grandmother.

For a map of Middlesex county showing the location of Lobo Township, click here. Please note that the project needs volunteer transcribers for Lobo Township census data.

In the 1851 census, Effie was listed as Euphemia Sinclair, 55, Widow, living with her daughter Sarah's family on Concession 6 Lot 8 in Lobo while her son Archibald, 28, farmed at Con 6 Lot 6 and the other John Sinclair, 67, farmed at Con 6 Lot 9. There was also a Dougald Sinclair, 70, farming at Con 8 Lot 3.

Note: Lobo Township is now part of Middlesex Centre.


Read the invitation

The invitation to this celebration, sent by Morrison Sinclair of Komoka ON, was the standard size (4¾ by 4½ inches). It appears here courtesy of Kozy Tennant, originally of Ft Wayne Indiana, whose great-grandparents Effie Kennedy and Issac Thompson received it — their daughter Isabel Thompson Hollinger preserved it.

The invitation reads: "1820–1920 Centennial Celebration of the landing in Canada of Lauchlin and Sally Sinclair will be held on the farm upon which they originally settled Lot 24, Concession 7, Caradoc Thursday, July 1st, 1920 Commencing at 9 o'clock a.m. You are cordially invited to be present. Morrison Sinclair, Komoka, Ont. Secretary of Committee R.S.V.P."


Among her family history papers, Lois Carson Boyce has found a family tree that includes material from Morrison Sinclair. Its notes reference "The Pioneer Highland Settlements of the County of Middlesex" (H. McColl, 1904) and "The Settlers of Lobo Township" (D.J. Campbell, 1904), both printed in the London and Middlesex Historical Society's Transactions - Part VIII, 1917. This tree lists the senior Sinclairs:

  • John Lauchlan Sinclair, baptized 12 Dec 1751 parish of Kilchrenan and Dalavich, Argyll. Died 11 April 1836, Caradoc Township, Middlesex County.
  • Marion (Sally) McIntyre, baptized 16 Sep 1759 parish of Kilchrenan and Dalavich, Argyll. Died 26&Jun 1854, Caradoc Township, Middlesex County.

Lauchlin's birthplace was also referred to as Dalavich, Carriebuie. Sally and Lauchlin were married 17 Jul 1787 in their home parish, and had 8 children:

  1. Anne (Nancy) Sinclair, b. 1788 m. Hugh McPherson.
  2. Lachlan Sinclair b. 1789. He reportedly was a shepherd, never married, and had died before the family emigrated in 1820.
  3. John Sinclair, 1791–1826, m. Effie Johnson 1797–1893. He emigrated in 1819, taking his young sister Sally, and got his homestead in Lobo Township.
  4. Mary Sinclair, 1795–1835, m. Duncan McLean. (He remarried after her death.)
  5. Peter Sinclair, 1798–1873, m. (23 May 1833) Nancy Sinclair [different family] 1812–1902. They had a son John Sinclair, whose daughter Mary Jane Sinclair 1863-1934 married Samuel Carson. Mary Jane and Samuel were Lois's grandparents, and her family lived in the Dutton - West Lorne - Rodney area.
  6. Sarah (Sally) Sinclair, 1803–1896, m. Duncan McLean [a different one]. She came over with John in 1819 when she was 16. Lois remarks that at the time, you had to be 16 to get a homestead.... but only men were eligible.
  7. Catherine Sinclair, b. 1807 m. 1835 Colquhoun Campbell.
  8. Duncan Sinclair, b. 1803 m. (1) Nancy McKeller, (2) Susan McNulty.


Another of Lois Carson Boyce's finds was the "List of Those Attending Clan Sinclair Centennial Reunion, Caradoc Ontario - July 1, 1920". Handwritten by Sally McKellar, the five-page list was sent to Lois in 1974 by Mary McKellar Coutts — their fathers, John Oscar McKellar and Peter Sinclair Carson, were cousins and both are in the Sinclair Centennial Reunion picture.

Lois's cousin Bob Sinclair of Etobicoke Ontario numbered the people in the photo, for the extended family's reference, and Stephen Sinclair of Sinclair Design numbered the digital photograph.

In the list transcribed below, an asterisk (*) indicates that Lois and Bob, and a number sign (#) that Kozy can match the name to a face in the panorama photograph. Numbers in that column on the right refer to the numbered photograph where Lois is the child in a bonnet sitting on her mother's knee – in the second row near the right end, number 74.

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1. Mrs. R. Hunter Wolseley, Sask.  
2. Mrs. Ed McLean Markinch, Sask.  
3. Mrs. G. M. Potter El Paso, Texas *85 Margaret (Collier)
4. Sarah Sinclair Komoka, Ontario
5. Earline Sinclair Bartonville, Ontario  
6. Robert W. Campbell Columbus, Michigan  
7. John Campbell Columbus, Michigan  
8. Kate Sinclair Dundas, Ontario  
9. Susan Sinclair Dundas, Ontario  
10. Mrs. J. D. Sinclair London, Ontario  
11. William Sinclair London, Ontario  
12. Marion E. Sinclair Bartonville, Ontario  
13. Mary E. Manning London, Ontario  
14. Effie Sinclair Lobo, Ontario  
15. Lachlan Sinclair Lobo, Ontario  
16. Anna McKeegan Detroit, Michigan  
17. Eliza Battstone Detroit, Michigan  
18. Olive Battstone Detroit, Michigan  
19. Verna Sutherland Wallaceburg, Ontario  
20. Edna Sutherland Wallaceburg, Ontario  
21. Mrs. Annie Sutherland Wallaceburg, Ontario  
22. Mrs. Clair Sutherland Wallaceburg, Ontario  
23. Ilene Sutherland Wallaceburg, Ontario  
24. John L. Sinclair Rodney, Ontario *61 [b.1837] 3rd gen.
25. Mrs. J.L. Sinclair Rodney *105 (?)
26. Margaret Sinclair Rodney, Ontario *25 (?) [red-haired]
27. Mrs. D. McDonald Adelaid, Ontario  
28. Rita McDonald Adelaid, Ontario  
29. Dorothy McDonald Adelaid, Ontario  
30. Violet McDonald Adelaid, Ontario  

Top of List

31. Lachlan Campbell Jeddo, Michigan  
32. Mrs. Murray Scott Lambeth, Ontario  
33. Mrs. A. Wehlann Rodney, Ontario *134 Jenn (Sinclair)
34. Isabell Anderson Oil Springs, Ontario  
35. Robert Sinclair Lobo, Ontario  
36. Annie Sinclair Lobo, Ontario  
37. Mrs. Warren Danialds Denfield, Ontario  
38. Alice Danialds Denfield, Ontario  
39. Ivy Manning London, Ontario  
40. Kate Anderson Oil Springs, Ontario  
41. Emma. G. Manning London, Ontario  
42. J. H. Anderson Oil Springs, Ontario  
43. Effie Anderson Oil Springs, Ontario  
44. Effie McVicar Milner Chatham, Ontario  
45. George Lawson Milner Chatham, Ontario  
46. Clara Lawson Milner Chatham, Ontario  
47. P.D. Milner Chatham, Ontario  
48. Robert Milner Chatham, Ontario  
49. J. A. Lawson London, Ontario  
50. Elva Orr Strathroy  
51. Clayton Orr Strathroy, Ontario  
52. Mrs. C. Hill Delaware, Ontario  
53. James Salters Palmerston, Ontario  
54. Mrs. Robert Milner Chatham, Ontario  
55. Mrs. James Salters Palmerston, Ontario  
56. Charles McDonald Strathroy, Ontario  
57. Olive McDonald Strathroy, Ontario  
58. Hazel McDonald Strathroy, Ontario  
59. Angus McDonald Strathroy, Ontario  
60. Duncan Sinclair Komoka, Ontario  
61. Archie Sinclair Caradoc, Ontario *
62. John O. McKellar Sault Ste Marie, Ontario *145 [tall man, bow tie]
63. Royden McCallum Rodney, Ontario *126
64. Mrs. Hy Dennis Strathroy, Ontario  
65. Henry Dennis Strathroy, Ontario  
66. Graham Dennis Strathroy, Ontario  
67. William Dennis Strathroy, Ontario  
68. Duncan L. McDonald Adelaid, Ontario  
69. Robert E. McDonald Adelaid, Ontario  
70. Dr. H. H. Sinclair Walkerton, Ontario  

Top of List

71. Mrs. H. H. Sinclair Walkerton, Ontario  
72. John Sinclair London, Ontario  
73. Mrs. J. Sinclair London, Ontario  
74. Mrs. A. Sinclair Tilsonburg, Ontario *88 Ethel (Boyer) [1885-1967]
75. Oliver Sinclair London, Ontario  
76. Mrs. Sam Carson West Lorne, Ontario *90 Mary Jane (Sinclair)
77. Mrs. J. Graham Rodney, Ontario *151 Mae (Carson) [1888-ca.1989]
78. Catharine Graham Rodney, Ontario *
79. Archie A. Sinclair Tilsonburg, Ontario *152 [ca.1852-]
80. Sam Carson West Lorne, Ontario *123 Samuel Willis Carson
81. Peter Sinclair Carson West Lorne, Ontario *122 [1891-1954]
82. Mrs. P. Carson West Lorne, Ontario *73 Florence (Harris)
83. Marion Carson West Lorne, Ontario *26 [1914-1996 (Wright)]
84. Lois Carson West Lorne, Ontario *74 [b 24 Nov 1918 (Boyce)]
85. Pamely Graham London, Ontario  
86. Irene Graham London, Ontario  
87. J. A. Graham London, Ontario  
88. Mrs. J. A. Graham London, Ontario  
89. J.S. Shaw Glencoe, Ontario  
90. Mrs. J.S. Shaw Glencoe, Ontario  
91. Alex Stuart Glencoe, Ontario  
92. Mrs. Alex Stuart Glencoe, Ontario  
93. Merva Stuart Glencoe, Ontario  
94. Muada Stuart Glencoe, Ontario  
95. Margaret A. Houston Walkerton, Ontario  
96. Mrs. J. W. Rose Markinch, Sask.  
97. Jean Rose Markinch, Sask.  
98. Mrs. D. A. McLean London, Ont.  
99. Jean McLean London, Ont.  
100. Marion McLean London, Ont.  
101. Babe McLean London, Ont.  
102. Duncan McLean Bury, Quebec  
103. Mrs. D. McLean Bury, Quebec  
104. Delmar McLean Bury, Quebec  
105. Duncan N. Sinclair Sarnia, Ontario *127 [ca.1857-ca.1924]
106. Mrs. D.N. Sinclair Sarnia, Ontario *41 Elizabeth "Betsy" (Prout)
107. Howard Sinclair Sarnia, Ontario *38 [1893-1969]

Top of List

108. D.G. Sinclair Creighton Mines, Ont. *3 Garfield Sinclair (1890-1953)
109. Mrs. D.G. Sinclair Creighton Mines, Ont. *83 Bertha Laurine (Suhler)
110. Laurine Sinclair Creighton Mines, Ont. *2 [b1918] (Lalonde) 5th gen.
111. Edna Sinclair Bartonville, Ontario  
112. D.B. Sinclair Rodney, Ontario  
113. Mrs. Neil Sinclair Bartonville, Ontario  
114. Neil Sinclair Bartonville, Ontario  
115. Archie McLean Lobo, Ontario  
116. Jennie McLean Lobo, Ontario  
117. Duncan McLean Lobo, Ontario  
118. John Sinclair Rodney, Ontario  
119. Warren Danialdo Lobo, Ontario  
120. Elmer Orr Strathroy, Ontario  
121. Mrs. E. Orr Strathroy, Ontario  
122. Robert Orr Strathroy, Ontario  
123. Mrs. Eliza Bolton Strathroy, Ontario  
124. Nettie Sinclair Komoka, Ontario  
125. Thomas McGregor Longwoods, Ontario  
126. Mrs. T. McGregor Longwoods, Ontario  
127. Ivan McGregor Longwoods, Ontario  
128. Florence McGregor Longwoods, Ontario  
129. Jean McGregor Longwoods, Ontario  
130. E. M. Hobson Rodney, Ontario  
131. Mrs. E. M. Hobson Rodney, Ontario  
132. Mrs. Lindie Munro Rodney, Ontario *112 Eliza Melinda (Sinclair)
133. Byron Munro Rodney, Ontario *111
134. Gordon Munro Rodney, Ontario *150
135. Mrs. E. M. Jury Strathroy, Ontario  
136. John Dennis Strathroy, Ontario  
137. John Graham Strathroy, Ontario  
138. Ada Kerswell Strathroy, Ontario  
139. Charles Kerswell Strathroy, Ontario  
140. S.A. McKellar Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.  
141. Sara McLean Strathroy, Ontario  
142. Bert McLean Strathroy, Ontario  
143. Duncan McLean London, Ontario  

Top of List

144. Nancy Sinclair Caradoc, Ontario *64 [1852-1952]
145. Mary Ann Sinclair Caradoc, Ontario *97 [1859-1902] 3rd gen.
146. Archie M. Sinclair Caradoc, Ontario *63 [1846-1932] Quaker
147. John D. Sinclair London, Ontario  

Lois Carson Boyce adds, "In checking over this list bear in mind I was reading from a handwritten listing. As well, the listing was quite probably prepared from a hand written attendance record."

Top of List

In the picture, but not on Sally McKellar's list:

148. Jack W. Carson West Lorne, Ontario *78 [ca.1885-ca.1952]
149. Morrison Sinclair Komoka, Ontario 138 [b1896]
150. Gus Wehlann Rodney, Ontario *135
151. Belle (Sinclair) Kelly   *50, 4th gen.


Morrison Sinclair, 1920

Morrison Sinclair of Komoka, who was secretary of the 1920 reunion committee, was identified by his family members. At right is another 1920 photo of him from a different source.

Isn't there a family resemblance between Morrison Sinclair and the piper? (In the reunion photo, the piper is seated on the ground in front, number 21.) If you can identify the piper, or other attendees at this reunion, please contact the website administrator.


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