The Sinclairs of Scotch Corners
(Nr. Carleton Place, Ontario)

From the "Historical and Family Tree Corner" in Bulletin No. 3, October 1982, by CSAC President R.M. "Mac" Sinclair. Now resident in Kingston ON, Mac is a great-grandson of Sarah Black and John Sinclair of Scotch Corners (about 40mi south-west of Ottawa).

2005 update: To contribute further information on the Sinclairs of Scotch Corners and their descendants to our newsletter, please contact the Editor, or for genealogical enquiries, Clan Sinclair Canada's Genealogist.

We are indebted to Bessie Gourley (Ottawa) and Gordon Wilson (Perth) for this positive information on a group of Sinclairs from the Inverary district (Argyllshire).

In 1822 John Sinclair and his bride, Sarah Black together with two unmarried brothers, Colin and Alexander, sailed from Tobermory (presumably near Inverary), June 14th, among 64 passengers on the sailing vessel Pilgram (or Philgram). They arrived at Quebec on August 22nd and thence to Ontario.

John received a land grant in Lanark County, Beckwith Twp. Colin got land in Carleton County, Torbolton Twp. but shortly moved to Beckwith Twp. adjoining that of his brother John. Alexander was quite a bit younger, eventually acquiring his farmland in the same Township a few Concessions away.

The district in Beckwith Twp. is called Scotch Corners, and there is a family cemetery located on a small parcel of land from what was John's original land grant. John and Colin along with several of their family members and a few neighbours are buried there. Alexander was buried at Almonte, Ontario.

Descendants of these three are now located right across Canada and we must try to get some history of them put together. Here are thumbnail sketches of a few of John's descendants (with apologies to the many who are not included).

Perhaps this will encourage descendants of John to urge descendants of Colin and Alexander to write to us, providing family information which will assist us in developing a booklet on this "Scotch Corners" branch of the clan.



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