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Notes on the CD prepared for the Sinclair 2000 Gathering by the Rev Dr Malcolm Sinclair and Rory Angus Peter Sinclair, Piper to the Sinclair Clan Chief, The Earl of Caithness. To read the Chief's journal of that Gathering, click here.

The CD has seven tracks, available here as MP3 files recorded at 56Kbps. Clicking on the link to one of these files will open it in your computer's MP3 player software; the CD may be available at Gatherings, or can be purchased through the CSAC Secretary - visit the Shop page for details.

Original Music In Honour of the Sinclair 2000 Millennium Tour
Rory Sinclair: Bagpipes, Guitar / Malcolm Sinclair: Vocals

Recorded and Engineered by David Redgrave

The profits from the sales of this CD will be split evenly among the Clan Sinclair Association Canada, The Clan Sinclair Trust and The Rosslyn Chapel Trust.



Track 1.  The Rosslyn Chapel Suite  (6:26)

Rory presenting The Rosslyn Chapel Suite at Rosslyn, 27-July-2000 (L-R): Countess and Earl of Rosslyn; Bill Sinclair, President, Clan Sinclair Association Canada; Stuart Beattie, Rosslyn Chapel; Rory Sinclair, Canada. Click to enlarge.

The Rosslyn Chapel Suite is a musical tribute to Rosslyn Chapel. It was composed by Rory Sinclair over a period of five years, and is played by him on the Great Highland Bagpipe. It consists of five movements, each depicting a different phase in the 1000 year history of the St Clair/Sinclair presence at Rosslyn. It ends on a high note with a tune in jig-time which honours the wonderful work being carried out by the Rosslyn Chapel trust.

  • 1. William "The Seemly" Sinclair's March to the Barony of Rosslyn.  (0:57)
  • 2. Meditation: The Journey of the Heart of the Bruce & the Death of William St Clair of Rosslyn.  (1:00)
  • 3. Prince Henry Sinclair in the New World.  (1:10)
  • 4. Rosslyn Chapel, 1446: The Vision of Earl William St Clair.  (1:39)
  • 5. Rosslyn Chapel, 1998: Restoration, Renewal, Resurrection.  (1:12)

Track List

Track 2.  Island Earth  (3:31)

The words are an original poem by Joe Corrie, sung here by Malcolm to the tune Ae Fond Kiss. It speaks of the horror of our Clearances but it is still valid for all that, far beyond the borders of Scotland in a world that now knows new terms such as "ethnic cleansing". Rory plays a wonderful air as a bridge, Lady McRoberts Lament: The Flight of Eaglets which honours the woman who lost three sons in action in the Second World War. (With apologies to the Battlefield Band)

Rev Dr Malcolm Sinclair, singing at the Winter Gathering 2000

Two popular Scottish Songs:

Track 3.  A Scottish Soldier  (3:07)

Track 4.  My Love is Like a Red Red Rose  (2:13)

Track 5.  Amazing Grace: A Spirit Song of Return  (3:59)

Amazing Grace: A Spirit Song of Return is a re-working of the well-known tune and was begun and completed in a single afternoon by Malcolm Sinclair shortly before his departure for the Sinclair 2000 Gathering. It brilliantly evokes the pain of the Sinclair diaspora, the conditions of the original departures and the warmth of the return home two centuries later.

Track List

Track 6.  Lonely Loch nan Eun  (2:13)

A beautiful air for small pipes.

Click to read the Chief's journal of the 2000 Gathering

Track 7.  The Earl of Caithness March  (1:40)

This is Rory's composition in honour of our Chief who has worked so hard to make the Sinclair 2000 Millennium Gathering a success. It is in 2/4 time and takes its style from the classic of Scottish piping: the competition march. Many Scottish Clan Chiefs have had tunes written for them; The Earls of Caithness have never had their own tune, but now they do.


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