Clan Sinclair Ramp

This year at the Clan Sinclair Church Service at Kings United Church at Loch Katrine near Goshen, Nova Scotia, Harold Sinclair delivered the following speech at the dedication of a new ramp for the handicapped placed there by the Clan Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia.

by Harold Sinclair
Autumn 1995 (Vol 3 No 1)

Today marks the fifth occasion that Kings United Church has hosted a Clan Sinclair Service of Worship. That's every four years since 1979; this is beginning to look like a tradition.

We are grateful for this beautiful sanctuary in which we worship and it is for Clan Sinclair a very special occasion. We felt we would like to find a suitable way in which to show our appreciation for this privilege and we decided that a ramp to assist the handicapped to access the church might be an appropriate gesture. The Board of Stewards agreed and so we present this modest facility as a gift from members of both the Clan Sinclair of Nova Scotia and of the National Association.

Within recent months we have lost two of our National Clan leaders who were distinguished both in their professional lives and who also gave generously of their time and talents to our associations.

Roselma Sinclair, wife of our first and founding National president Dr. Eddie Sinclair, served as Secretary-Treasurer for several years and thereafter was a generous tower of support to all succeeding Clan Executive Members. She later received the well-earned recognition as an Honourary Member of Clan Sinclair Canada. Roselma died peacefully in her son Rory's home in Toronto this past March.

Gordon M. Sinclair became our National President while attending our last Gathering in Nova Scotia in July, 1991. He was a farmer from Strathclair, Manitoba and was a giant of a leader in farming and business life. A former President and Board Chairman of Co-operators of Canada, he distinguished himself as a leader in his community, his Church and his country. His contributions were recognized in recent years by the award of an Honourary Degree from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish. Gordon brought both strength and generosity to our Clan Association and he and his wife Donnie and sister Janey were registered to attend our Clan functions this weekend. Fate tragically intervened when a car accident ended his life a few short weeks ago. His absence has haunted us this weekend.

I now present our new ramp for the dedication to the Glory of God and in loving memory of Roselma Sinclair and Gordon M. Sinclair.



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