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From Roslin O Roslin, Summer 2000 (Vol 3 No 20), Rory Sinclair, Editor.

Short and sweet the message was but the news was big. Malcolm Caithness, our Chief had challenged the New Zealanders to follow the lead of the Australians and form up Clan Sinclair New Zealand. Roy Sinclair of Dunedin took up the Challenge and CSNZ is now underway. [ed.]

Hello from Dunedin,

I accepted your challenge to establish a Clan in New Zealand, the position now is that I require guidance re the formalising. The Video "Templar Legacy" along with a CD supplied by Niven is being circulated around the country and is being well received. Do you have to approve the appointment of a commissioner and formalise the use of the title Clan Sinclair. Thank you for your interest, and I trust the All Black victory over Scotland played here in Dunedin within sight of my lounge window is not causing a depression in the Scottish Rugby world.

Regards from Dunedin NZ.


The Chief replied:

What great news and it does compensate somewhat for the lucky win you achieved on Saturday. Of course it would be rude to beat our hosts!

Am copying this to Rory in Canada, Mary in USA and Margaret in Australia who have greater experience of running Associations than I do and the potential pitfalls. I know they will be ready to help you. Each Association is its own entity and you will draw up the constitution in accordance with your laws. I have no say in how the Associations are run and who is on them - that is up to those involved.

I am delighted that you use the name Sinclair in your title.
Malcolm Caithness



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