Clan Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia
Founding General Meeting 1984

From Litir à Clann (Family Newsletter), a report by the Association President, R. Malcolm "Mac" Sinclair, that appeared in the June 1984 issue (Bulletin No 8), followed by a letter from the CSSNS Secretary, December 1984 (Bulletin No 10).

At the founding General Meeting of the Clan Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia held on 6 April 1984, the following Executive officers were duly elected:

  • President: Mr. John G. Sinclair, Halifax
  • Vice-President: Dr. Alisdair Sinclair, Halifax
  • Treasurer: Miss Mary Sinclair, Thorburn
  • Secretary: LCol. John M. Sinclair, New Glasgow
  • Directors: Mr. Harold M. Sinclair, Goshen; Mrs. Jane Williams, Windsor Jct.; Mr. Donald Sinclair, Dartmough.

We are fortunate that this branch of the Sinclair Clan is organizing to become a strong association in Nova Scotia and the Maritime region and will be able to organize for continuity in Clan Association matters and to be a strong, active participating unit for the now traditional "Gathering of the Clans" promoted by Nova Scotia Scots at four year intervals (1979 - 1983, etc.).

Discussions and communications were carried on during the months of this year by Jack and Mac, all in a spirit of co-operation and a desire that the Clan Sinclair Association Canada would welcome this initiative in Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia "Society" would want to continue a close and family-like affiliation with the National Association.

We are happy to report that this intent has been clearly defined and we are jointly promoting a "dual membership" for Nova Scotia members with a division of fees which will, hopefully, ensure financial assistance to both groups for their communication costs. The annual fees for memberships will be:

Clan Sinclair Association Canada (only) $3.00$5.00
Nova Scotia Society (only) $3.00$5.00
Canadian & Nova Scotia $5.00*$8.00*
(*divided equally between the two Associations)

This arrangement was given a great "blessing" and mutually enthusiastic approval at dinner in Halifax during Easter week when Mac and Eileen "stopped over" at Halifax and enjoyed dinner at the home of Jack and Glady and the company, later, of Alisdair and carol Sinclair as well as Jane and Glen Williams. We all recommend the dual membership for all Sinclair (St Clairs) and the families which are septs, in Nova Scotia.


Letter from John M. Sinclair of Melmerby Beach near New Glasgow . . . some extracts:

Dear Mac and Eileen:

You will have had notices, I am sure, of the Founding General Meeting of the Clan Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia, held at the Faculty Club, Dalhousie University, on April 8, 1984. Sixteen members were present. The meeting adopted a constitution, elected a slate of officers, decided on a fee structure.

The long hot drought experienced in Northern Nova Scotia during the summer of 1984 ended at precisely seven minutes after twelve noon on Saturday, August 11th. The heavens opened at that moment and thoroughly drenched the membership of the Nova Scotia Branch of your Association who had assembled at Melmerby Beach for an informal Gathering and picnic. There were several more heavy showers during the afternoon, and the Executive Committee congratulated itself on its prudence in holding the event close enough to a couple of Sinclair homes to allow some shelter. There were 39 persons (20 adults and 10 children) present, from Glace Bay, Goshen, New Glasgow, Eureka, Halifax and Saint John N.B. The report on the event concludes with the comment that the adverse weather hampered the holding of games and sports but a number of hardy souls did manage to get in a swim between downpours. The heroine of the day was Heather, daughter of our President Jack, who kept the young ones fully engaged with indoor games and projects.

We send both personal best wishes, and as secretary of the Nova Scotia Society, greetings to National Headquarters.

As ever,

(signed) John

P.S. Our Florida address is ... [Bradenton, Florida]


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