News Bulletin No. 1
10 March 1982

Text of the 10 March 1982 news bulletin from the Association's newly elected executive: the President, Mac Sinclair and the Secretary-Treasurer, his daughter Nancy Staveley (later Nancy Neill), both of Kingston, Ontario.

Beginning with issue No. 5, 4 July 1983, the newsletter was called Litir à Clann, which is Gaelic for Family Newsletter. After six years and 22 newsletter issues, Mac retired from the presidency but continued as newsletter editor through Vol 2 No 26 in July 1995, for a total of 48 issues in 12 years.

This report to the membership has three main objectives:

  • To make you aware of recent developments with respect to executive officers,
  • To mention a couple of projects in which we propose becoming involved, and
  • To ask for your response cum ideas for further development and membership expansion.

DINNER MEETING - Kingston, Ontario, 20 February 1982

President Eddie and Secretary-Treasurer Roselma have been indicating their conviction that younger persons should now take over executive officers' duties so they called a meeting for dinner and business purposes. It was organized for February 20th at the Donald Gordon Centre for Continuing Education, Queen's University. The decor was Scottish, the haggis nicely done, the meal excellent and the ceilidh spirit(s) flying high.

John M. (Ottawa via Nova Scotia) was our piper; Mac (Kingston) the Master of Ceremonies; Sandy (Ed's son from Newmarket) toasted the Clan and the Association; Ed (Norwood) responded giving an overview of the Association's history.

At the business meeting, after an outstanding treasurer's report of fiscal solvency ($13.40), new officers were elected: President - R.M. (Mac) Sinclair; Secretary-Treasurer - Nancy E. (Sinclair) Staveley, both of Kingston.


The new executive was charged with the responsibilities to:


At the current cost of postage and otherwise communicating, we need to build "some" working capital fund. To this end, I propose, for now, a $3.00 annual membership fee . . . $5.00 total for all members of a family at the same address. I hope you will agree and help update our roll and bank account by renewing your membership (if you haven't already done so for 1982) forthwith. (Please use the form provided in this bulletin.)


We are maintaining our membership in CASSOC and will forward information of their Ceilidh(s) and gatherings as it becomes available. These usually involve a Heritage Ball in October, a Kirkin' O' the Tartans (Sunday, 13 June 1982), Scottish dancing, etc. Telephone (Toronto) ... for information on activities.


President David Sinclair Bouschor keeps on his mailing list for newsletters and we pass along these notes --

  • Clan Sinclair will be represented at the Grandfather Mountain Games in North Carolina July 8th - 11th, 1982. If any of our members could attend, they'd be made welcome. Please contact Judge Bouschor directly (...); OR CASSOC ...
    Oakville, Ont., for their bus tour special.
  • Clan flags, 3" X 5", are available at $3.00 (U.S.) each.
  • Reprints of a McIan print of the Sinclair Lady are available at $7.50 each -
    8½" X 13" in colour.
  • They are promoting attendance at the Nova Scotia (1983) "Gathering".


My daughter (Nancy Staveley) and I are most anxious to be the nucleus of a strong executive committee for the Association. We earnestly solicit your letters with information on matters of interest about Sinclairs, and your suggestions for the further good of this Association. Please assist us. Our addresses are....

- Cheers,

Mac Sinclair


R.M. (Mac) Sinclair



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