CSAC General Meeting 1982
Kingston, Ontario

At the 1982 meeting, the founders of the Clan Sinclair Association of Canada, Eddie and Roselma Sinclair of Norwood Ontario, retired as president and secretary to be succeeded by R. Malcolm "Mac" Sinclair of Kingston Ontario and his daughter Nancy E. Sinclair Staveley.

These minutes were kept by Roselma Sinclair - to see her photo album, click here. The piper for the 1982 meeting was Col. John Sinclair, first Clan Piper, who was a descendant of Iain Dall Mackay, great piper of the 1650s.

FEBRUARY 20, 1982          

In response to the questionnaire, the preponderance of replies indicated Kingston was the most suitable venue.

We were most fortunate that R.M. (Mac) Sinclair was able to secure the Donald Gordon Centre, Queen's University - a beautiful old home built in 1841, refurbished with furnishings of that period. The Clan Sinclair flags, tartan and artifacts added to the atmosphere of the Ceilidh.

There was a turn-out of twenty from Ottawa, Kingston, Norwood and Newmarket. Toronto was conspicuous by its absence. The gourmet dinner was served complete with Haggis which was suitably piped in by Col. John Sinclair and greeted by Burn's Ode proclaimed by Mac Sinclair. A short slide presentation of Sinclair country, Rosslyn and Caithness, followed.

Those present were: Dr. E.G. Sinclair & Mrs. Sinclair, Mr. Sandy Sinclair, Col. John Sinclair & Mrs. Sinclair, Dr. Duncan Sinclair & Mrs. Sinclair & Colin Sinclair, Mr. David Sinclair & Mrs. Sinclair, Mr. Gordon Sinclair, Mr. R.M. Sinclair & Mrs. Sinclair, Mr. Douglas Sinclair, Mrs. Jean Tollola, Miss Bessie Gourley, Mr. R.M. Sinclair & Mrs. Sinclair, Mr. Howard Staveley & Mrs. Staveley.

The meeting was called to Order by the President. E.G. Sinclair who gave a short resumé of the formation and history of the Clan Sinclair Ass.


The Sec. Treas, Roselma Sinclair noted that while the present membership appears on the books as 102 that many of the members recruited in the 1970s may now belong to the Clan Sinclair Ass. (USA). One persisting problem is the lack of response to the numerous notices, reports and questionnaires sent out from the Clan Sinclair office. This makes it difficult to ascertain how effective our organization is as a Clan Association.

The Bank Balance as of February 20th, 1982 is $ 26.86 . The funds are very limited due to the difficulty in getting members to renew their memberships on a yearly basis.

The Sec. Treas' Report was adopted on a MOTION by Douglas Sinclair -
2nd. by Nancy Staveley - CARRIED

MOVED by Nancy Staveley, "that a vote of thanks be given to the Sec.Treas for her work over the years."   CARRIED


Some preliminary discussion took place but it was MOVED by Sandy Sinclair "that the Constitution be discussed after the election of Officers".   APPROVED


It was the feeling of those present that the Fee Structure should be discussed by the new Executive.



MOVED by Duncan Sinclair - 2nd. by Sandy Sinclair, "that the Association have Area Vice-Presidents."   CARRIED

PRES.   On a motion from the floor it was MOVED by Duncan Sinclair - 2nd. by David Sinclair "that Mac Sinclair stand for President of the Clan Sinclair Ass." MOVED by David Sinclair "That Nominations be Closed."

CARRIED Unanimously    

SEC.TREAS.   MOVED by Douglas Sinclair - 2nd. by Barbara Sinclair "that Nancy Staveley be the new SEC.TREAS."
MOVED by Sandy Sinclair "that Nominations Cease."   CARRIED

Nancy Staveley agreed to accept the office for a period of one year.


Mac Sinclair the incoming President suggested that the Clan Sinclair Ass. be involved at some time in 1983; and that the Maritime Command be contacted to forward a programme of the events.

MOVED by Douglas Sinclair - 2nd. by Roselma Sinclair "That the time frame for a Sinclair Ceilidh be left to the Maritime group to find out just what can be arranged."   CARRIED

It was decided to LEAVE the appointment of Area Vice-Presidents with the new Executive.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned on a MOTION by the Past President, Eddie Sinclair.


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