CSAC General Meeting 1977
Norwood, Ontario

AUGUST 18th., 1977


Chevalier Dr. E.G. Sinclair
E.J. Alexander Sinclair
Treas.   Ida M. Lake ( Great-grandmother )
Leah Stroth Kennedy
George Kennedy
Heather Sinclair Dwyer
Sec. Roselma Sinclair

Meeting called to order by the Chevalier at 10.45 p.m. who welcomed all the members particularly the American Branch of the family and who requested E.J. Alexander Sinclair to assume the Chairmanship.

The Chair called for two toasts; first to the Queen, Elizabeth on her Jubilee Year: secondly to absent members. All glasses were charged and all the members responded with enthusiasm and in proper fashion.



The Treasurer was requested to give her Report.

During the year a Bank Account #4172 had been established with the dues from the 1976 Annual Meeting in the amount of - $21.00 + $2.00 $23.00
During the months of January to March several new members joined $12.00
A cheque for $30.00 was sent to the Clans & Scottish Ass' of Canada, to which this organization belongs; thus leaving a Balance of $ 5.00
In April two new members were added to the Association 4.80
.20¢ being withdrawn for stamps, leaving a Balance of $ 9.80

It was Moved by George Kennedy

The Secretary was requested to make her Report; There are at present 17 paid up members. Six of these are new Members from the Cleveland area.
These new members were reported by George Kennedy. The Chairman asked the Chevalier to "acknowledge" a Motion to accept the new Members.

As the Chevalier was clearing his throat in preparation to launch into a lengthy speech, the Secretary asked for clarifiation on the word "acknowledged". The Chairman said, "He had not used the word "acknowledge"

The Secretary told him to "Shut up", he certainly had as she had written it down in black and white. The Chairman promptly refused to believe that he had used such a word as "acknowledge". The Secretary stood her ground even though the Chairman accused her of fouling up the whole damn proceedings. Leah Kennedy saved the day by referring to the Motion vainly trying to be put on the Table by the Chevalier. Business therefore continued with a few dirty looks passing between the Chairman and Secretary.

MOTION: MOVED by Chevalier " That the six new Members from Cleveland be accepted into the Association with appreciation and recognition."
2nd by Leah Kennedy.    APPROVED.



  • Leonard W. Stroth
  • Donald E. Stroth
  • Kenneth M. Nielsen
  • Mary Ann Nielsen
  • Chester Wienack
  • Jane Wienack

Leah Kennedy then reported how much fun the Cleveland group had had over the 1976 MINUTES. The Secretary was urged to continue her distinctive approach to recording the Meetings.

Great-Grandmother Lake at this point got tired and asked to be excused. This was approved by the sitting members.

A moment was taken to make up membership cards for the new Members. The Secretary suggested in humble fashion that the Chevalier ( President ) make sure he signed his name in the correct place on the cards. The Chevalier hotly insisted he needed no help in executing his signature -so he promptly signed all the cards under the Treasurer's name.

This upset the Secretary greatly and she made a real "faux pas" by turning to one of the original members and addressing her as Leah Payne Kennedy. George Kennedy arose in wrath and asked the Secretary if she had ever had a pain in the Ass?

The Secretary ignored the remark by asking all Members if they knew the definition of a Smart-Ass? All Members looked surprised and dumb "So", said the Secretary, " It is a guy who sits on an ice cream cone and can tell the flavour."

The Chevalier at this stage told the Secretary to go forth and multiply -- this is a Scottish way of telling someone to Get Lost!


Many interesting letters had been received from both Canada and the United States. All were Sinclairs trying to trace their ancestry... some had become Members of the Association.

The Chairman expressed his pleasure at the variety and quality of the many letters and all Members felt that the Association was making progress.

The Treasury was enriched by $2.00 (Canadian) for stamps from Leah Kennedy.

George Kennedy rose to propose that the male Members for the Association drink a Toast to Secretary. Glasses were charged, male members rose. Leah said she was too tired to get up anyway so the Chairman who always enjoys Toasts referred in a stern manner to the fact that Leah couldn't join in the Toast as she did not have a "member".

The Chevalier objected to the Chairman's remark and said, " SHE DID! "


The 1976 MINUTES had been sent out early in the year so the READING of them was dispensed. The COOK BOOKS were TABLED until such time as we get more participation.


All Members were sorry Heather Sinclair passed out of the Meeting.
Gus Sinclair² phoned to confirm the Kennedy's reservation at the Park Plaza Hotel. Gus could not remember Leah and George's name so registration was made for Mr.&Mrs. George Sinclair.

Information was to be forthcoming on the Scottish Studies in Ap-- in Norfolk, Virginia.
George Kennedy reported on the state of his Flag Pole.

Discussion about next Meeting which will probably be held in Canada until such time as it is opportune to hold a Meeting in Cleveland.

George Kennedy spoke very feelingly on the subject of continuing the Clan Association and annual Meetings even though the membership constitutes a bare quorum. "Under no circumstances", said George, "Should the organization be abandoned. All Members agreed.

The Chairman suggested the Meeting be adjourned since there was no further business.

George asked to speak in appreciation of the hospitality and welcome he and Leah had received from their Canadian hosts. Again he emphasized the need to carry on the fine Clan Sinclair Association.

ADJOURNMENT   at 12.15 a.m.


¹ The meeting was held in the Norwood, Ontario home of the association's founders, Eddie and Roselma Sinclair. To see Roselma's photo album, click here.

Roselma's minutes refer to Eddie, who was the association president, as "Chevalier" because Dr. Edward Gladstone Sinclair KCLJ DDS LDS, was a Knight Chevalier in the Military and Hospitaler Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. Of the other members attending, the vice president and meeting chairman, E.J.A. "Sandy" Sinclair, was Eddie and Roselma's eldest son; Heather Sinclair Dwyer was their daughter; Leah Stroh Kennedy was a Sinclair cousin visiting from Cleveland with her husband George; the treasurer, Mrs. Ida M. Lake was Roselma's mother.

² "Gus" Sinclair, also called Rory, is Roselma and Eddie's third son, the piper Rory Angus Peter Sinclair. After the 1977 meeting in Norwood, Leah Stroh Kennedy visited him in Toronto.


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