General Meeting 1976

"At the 1976 meeting a brochure was approved and duly printed along with membership cards. This meeting was graced by the Cleveland branch of the family - Leah Stroth Kennedy and her husband George."

--Roselma Sinclair  

A meeting of the Clan Sinclair Association was held at 26 Alma St., Norwood, August 16, 1976 at 2000 hours. Present¹:

Chevalier    Dr, E.G. Sinclair
Vice-President E.J.A. Sinclair
Heather Sinclair Dwyer
Treasurer   Great-GRANDMOTHER Lake
Leah Stroth Kennedy
Guest George Kennedy
Jennifer Dwyer
Secretary Roselma Lake Sinclair

As the first order of Business the Chevalier requested E.J.A. Sinclair to be Chairman. E.J.A. Sinclair accepted. All in Favour.

The Secretary Roselma Sinclair read the Minutes and Moved their Adoption. There was unanimous approval.

Public Relations Officer Heather Dwyer reported she had succeeded in bringing Leah Stroth Kennedy and her husband George back to 26 Alma St. and had produced a new member Jennifer Dwyer.

The Treasurer, Great-Grandmother Lake reported there was the same money in the treasuery, namely $55.82 as in Sept. 14th., 1974.

It was Moved by Leah Stroth Kennedy and 2ND. by Heather Dwyer; "that the Treasurer's Report be adopted." APPROVED.

The Chairman & Vice-President welcomed the Kennedys (the Cleveland Branch of the family²) on behalf of the Clan Society to Norwood. The Chairman was about to propose the question of membership when the Chevalier interrupted, rudely, as usual with an Amendment which turned out to be a Motion since no one had an opportunity to Move a Motion for Membership for the Guest George Kennedy. Leah Stroth Kennedy pointed out the error of procedure to his Worthiness, the Chevalier, which should have humbled him, but instead brought forth quite a startling "raspberry"!

The Secretary was writing busily, and slightly distraught, asked the blustering Chevalier to repeat the Motion he had properly "buggered" up to which His Worthiness retorted "You damn well didn't listen the first time." This retort caused the Secretary to start reading her notes out loud and to call Leah Stroth instead of her full married name Kennedy.

It was finally Moved by the Chevalier-
2nd, by Roselma Sinclair    "That no application for Membership should be necessary for George Kennedy since if he is good enough for Leah he certainly is "bloody" well good enough for the Society. MOTION CARRIED.

The Chairman welcomed the newest Member Jennifer Robin Dwyer to the Society.

Great-Grandma Lake's Motion: "That Leah and George come up to Canada at this same time next year to attend the Annual Meeting without bringing their own meals " was unanimously accepted by the Members; and the Chevalier 2nd, the Motion.

The youngest member, Jennifer Dwyer departed with her mother at this time for a bath.


The Clan Sinclair Society is affiliated with the Scottish Clans and Societies of Canada. The Chevalier reported he had paid the affiliation Fee of $20.00. The Chevalier also reported that the Scottish Clans Organization had now a meeting room in Old St Andrew's Church, King St. Toronto. The Clans Ass. will have a booth at the C.N.E. from which information will be distributed on the various Clans. This year the Chevalier and the Secretary mapped out a pamphlet for distribution on the Sinclair Clan. These pamphlets are now being printed and should be ready for the opening of the C.N.E. on August 18th. 2000 copies were ordered at $125.00 from John Davidse, Printer, King City, Ontario.

The Chairman thanked the Chevalier and Secretary for the effort put into the pamphlet.

Moved by Roselma Sinclair
2nd. by Leah Kennedy    "That $50.00 of the Treasury money be given to the Chevalier to offset the expense of printing the pamphlets until such time as further money is collected."   MOTION APPROVED

Discussion took place on whether money should be used for entertainment for the Society. Leah Kennedy pointed out that until the Treasury is in better state that money should be used only for expenses. This was accepted by the members and the Treasurer therefore will use the money left only for stamps and incidentals.


Letters from Earl Sinclair of Burbank California and Patricia Sinclair were read. Earl is a son of Tom Sinclair.


Delayed because of call from Printer that he was arriving on the morrow with finished pamphlets. Question then came up as to Membership cards. Also Discussion as to whether the $2.00 membership fee quoted on the pamphlet is applicable to founding members.

Recessed for Brandy and Coffee.

Great-Grandma left as she was tired and very angry because we wouldn't get the dinner dishes washed. Heather, Jennifer and Daddy Robert Dwyer who had been absent from meeting because of track interests also departed for their summer cottage.

Meeting reconvened with remaining members. Question of cards was left in abeyance until Printer arrived.

MOTION by R. Sinclair. 2nd, by Leah Kennedy; "That all members pay the $2.00 Fee with the exception of Gordon Sinclair and the Earl of Caithness.³   Adopted Unanimously.

COOK BOOK: Leah Kennedy offered to investigate the membership in Cleveland for recipes. 26 Alma would be the clearing house. Next year after the material which has been acquired has been reviewed it will be decided whether the Project can be assembled and if it is "GO" we "GO". This could be distributed at the net year's C.N.E. booth.


George Thomas Francis Aloysius Alexander Kennedy spoke on his aceptance into the Clan Society through his wife Leah. He is interested in getting his own Clan Coat-of-Arms. Clan Kennedy. He said, "He was most appreciative." The members were all delighted with his well-chosen words.

The Chairman brought up the idea of a need for a representative in Cleveland. Even though Miss Patricia Sinclair of Trenton N.J. is starting a Clan Sinclair Society in the U.S.A. The Chevalier pointed out that the Sinclairs as of old when like reivers they crossed the Borders to claim their Own could in the same sense lay claim to the progeny of Henrietta Van Kuren and Aleander Sinclair and that since the oldest member, Gertrude had died five days before her 80th. Birthday that "Leah Henrietta Stroth Kennedy be asked to assume the position of Representative of the Association in Cleveland area."   2nd. by R. Sinclair    APPROVED.

ADJOURNMENT 22.00 hrs.



AUGUST 17/76.    Meeting Re-convened. 21.00 hours .

Pamphlet arrived. Chevalier reported that membership cards (200) have been ordered from the Printer at approximately $15.00.³ Printer reported that the pamphlets had been delivered to the Miss Mcphee who will see they get to the booth at C.N.E. The Kennedys will take 15 pamphlets to Cleveland.

George Kennedy spoke feelingly of the honour conveyed upon by the society by the participation in the short and interesting ceremony of the Ram's Horn during which the essence of "snuff" was passed around. The Secretary at this moment asked for assistance in recording the ceremony and was told by the Chevalier, "to not interrupt and to do her job!"   The Secretary told him to, "Shut Up" which the Chevalier didn't of course.   Leah Kennedy who is slightly mouthy (refer to the number of Motions she has Moved) rose to great heights and said, "Anything I can't stand is a smart-ass." At this the Secretary cheered loudly as she wiped her moist brow. and buried her noisy mutterings in her notes. The Treasurer at this time asked haughtily if "The Secretary was writing a book instead of Minutes." For a moment there appeared to be warfare brewing in the eye of the Secretary ; then the Chairman requested the Secretary to "keep herself under control!"

George Kennedy asked permission to offer to the Chevalier on behalf of his wife and himself a small token of his appreciation of the hospitality and fine comradeship at 26 Alma Street. A Toast was also proposed by George to the Secretary for her magnificent ability in coping with the dissertations and interruptions of the members. The Secretary in fine good humour thanked all.

A Motion by the Chevalier to make Patricia Sinclair an honourary member was defeated by the Membership.



¹ This meeting was held in the Norwood, Ontario home of the association's founders, Eddie and Roselma Sinclair. To see Roselma's photo album, click here.

Roselma's minutes refer to Eddie, who was the association president, as "Chevalier" because Dr. Edward Gladstone Sinclair KCLJ DDS LDS, was a Knight Chevalier in the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Of the other association officers attending, the vice president and meeting chairman, E.J.A. "Sandy" Sinclair, was Eddie and Roselma's eldest son; and the public relations officer, Heather Sinclair Dwyer, was their daughter, attending with her own baby daughter Jennifer. The treasurer, "Great Grandmother Lake" was Roselma's mother, Mrs. Ida M. Lake.

² Leah Stroh Kennedy was a Sinclair cousin from Cleveland. For Roselma and Eddie, the beginning of the Clan Sinclair Association of Canada was a 1960 family reunion in Cleveland; it was the first reunion of the descendants of Alexander Sinclair (1827-1890), Eddie's great-grandfather, who emigrated to Canada in the late 1840s from Kincardine-on-Forth, Scotland. Prior to the founding of Clan Sinclair USA, American Sinclairs joined the Canada-based association.

³ The well-known Canadian writer and broadcaster Gordon Sinclair (1900-1984) was an honourary member of the Clan Sinclair Association of Canada [the association's name printed on brochures and membership cards], and the first Honourary President. The Earl of Caithness is the hereditary Chief of Clan Sinclair.


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