General Meeting 1974

"1974: The second meeting of the Clan Sinclair Association was a gala affair held in the new home -- 26 Alma Street, Norwood. The meeting was followed by pipes and drums and an expensive dinner at Rolands (everyone had to dig in their pockets to pay for it)."

--Roselma Sinclair  

PRESENT¹:-    The CHIEFTAIN - Edward G. Sinclair
ACTING CHAIRMAN - Major E.J.A. Sinclair
M/S Leslie Sinclair
Dr. R.B.I. Sinclair
M/S Janet Sinclair
Mr. Robert Dwyer
M/S Heather Sinclair Dwyer
Mr. Rory A.P. Sinclair
Sean Aleck Sinclair
Patrick William Sinclair
SECRETARY-TREAS.   M/S Roselma Lake Sinclair

Meeting called to order I500 hrs. Piper Rory Sinclair piped the Chieftain who welcomed the members who had not been present for some years. The Chieftain then turned over the Chair to Major E.J.A. Sinclair who with great dignity accepted the Chair using a large croquet Mallet as a gavel.

Moved by Rory Sinclair
2nd by M/S Janet Sinclair "That the Minutes be adopted as read."



  Reported -$88.I3 in Treasurery.

Moved by Rory Sinclair 2nd. by Heather Sinclair "That Treasurer's Report by accepted."



   -Formal dinner to be held at the Roland House
evening of Sept. Ist.

Chieftain Moved
2nd. by Ian Sinclair "That the dinner be paid for by Treasury and any further expense be paid for by the member who has not contributed to the Treasury."

Motion spoken to by Rory Sinclair who felt it was unfair to Patrick William and Sean Aleck to have to contribute to the Treasury.

M/S Janet Sinclair Moved her suggestion- " that total amount in Treasury be divided by number of members and anyone who has not contributed put in like amount or IOU.

Meeting recessed until Chieftain moved to "widdle".
Chieftain returned but other male members had left to obtain fitting refreshments.

I530 hrs.  Meeting called to Order.

Robert Dwyer spoke to the Motion calling the members "bull-shitters" for being so scotch and that Rory had offered $5.00 which was in his opinion fair enough.

M/S Janet Sinclair spoke again asked to have included in her Motion that Matriarch Ida Lake should be the person to decide whether the the members were being fair?"

The Chairman called Order while he requested Patrick William to take his finger out of his nose.

M/S Heather Dwyer " Felt it was unfair to Rory as he had not had a chance to participate in the Games for years.
M/S Janet Sinclair clarified her Motion again saying, "Matriarch Grandma Lake should decide the question on the floor."

"Oh" "Hell," said the Secretary when Robert Dwyer, 2nd Janet Sinclair's Motion.
The Chairman Yelled for ORDER; and called for the MOTION

5 for Motion   I Opposed   2 Abstentions

Matriarch says "NO" (Motion Unfair)    " Pass on - Pass out," says the Matriarch rather crossly.



I.   Scottish Spastic Appeal

Secretary asked Chairman to call Order as most of the members seemed to be breaking up in a form of hysteria.
M/S Janet Sinclair Moved " we all apply to the Order for membership."
It was Moved by Ian Sinclair
2nd by M/S Leslie Sinclair  " That letter be ignored."
No remarks.

CARRIED Unanimously

2.   Information from Highlander Magazine advertising in block form the Clan's Name -Address etc. for $40.00 per year   The Chieftain spoke on it but felt it was expensive and no Action be taken.  FILED

3.   Letter from Donald Sinclair, States Line Steamship, California.

Moved by Rory Sinclair
2nd by M/S Leslie Sinclair  " That Donald Sinclair be sent a Copy of Minutes."

5 for Motion    2 Against    CARRIED

4.   Seventh Colloquium on Scottish Studies    Oct. 27th.

Chairman requested a copy

Matriarch Grandma requests permission to leave the table   GRANTED

5.   Letter from LYON CLERK, Malcolm P. Innis, Edinburgh W.S.
Acknowledged by Secretary.



I. GRANTS and WAYS of Raising money.
2. Constitutional Committee
3. Ways and Means
4. THURSO Library Research
The Chairman reported that he would get in touch with Donald Carmichael and send the books to Thurso as soon as he got back to Pembroke.
Moved by Rory Sinclair
2nd by M/S Janet Sinclair   " That Motion to Table be in Order."

One member raised such a fuss at this stage he had to be excused by the Chair and accompanied by his Mother M/S Leslie Sinclair he went to his room

New member requested permission to sit in . ACCEPTED, namely at I600 hrs. Sean Aleck joined the meeting.



I. Vice-President looking into two business items;- Membership cards - Crests for which there will be a fee.

Chairman was rudely interrupted by Dr. Ian Sinclair who said what he was thinking was not printable.
Robert Dwyer requested definition of "MEMBER".
Rory Sinclair said " It was usually 6" Long."
The Chieftain turned out a better definition "That some are born to the Clan and others just want to belong."
COOK BOOK -Left in hands of LSD. Co. but request for all members to send in recipes for Christmas.

Matriarch Grandma returned to Meeting with chocolates for refreshments.

Rory Sinclair asked for a Vote of Confidence in the Vice-President for his handling of the Meeting. Unanimous

M/S Janet Sinclair proposed Regional Directors
Kimberley B.C. Director   Moved by Rory Sinclair 2nd by Roselma Sinclair - "That Leslie Sinclair be the Director   CARRIED

M/S Janet Sinclair Moved
2nd by Robert Dwyer   "That Rory Sinclair be Director for Toronto and Kuala Lumpur "   CARRIED

Moved by Rory Sinclair
2nd by Matriarch Grandma "That Janet Sinclair be Director for Pembroke!"


Matriarch Grandma requested Membership . GRANTED UNANIMOUSLY
Moved by Roselma Sinclair
2nd by Heather Dwyer    " That Matriarch Grandma be the new Treasurer."


MOVED by M/S Janet Sinclair 2nd by M/S Leslie Sinclair   " That Heather Dwyer by P.R. Officer."

Chieftain muttered too many "Damn Women". Sean also was against the idea of whatever the Chieftain had said.

It was proposed that the next MEETING of CLAN SINCLAIR be held at LAZY LAKE B.C. in I975   ALL were in Favour   CHIEFTAIN Abstained.

Meeting adjourned with the permission of the Chevalier² to go to the Swimming Hole.


¹ The meeting was held in the new home in Norwood, Ontario of Eddie and Roselma Sinclair, respectively President and Secretary of the Association. To see Roselma's photo album, click here. Roselma's mother, Mrs. Ida M. Lake, was also present, as were Roselma and Eddie's family: Sandy (then a major in the Lanark and Renfrew Scottish) and Janet Sinclair of Pembroke, Ontario; Ian and Leslie Sinclair of Kimberley, B.C. with their young children Sean Aleck and Patrick William; Rory Sinclair, then working between Toronto, Canada and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Heather and Bob Dwyer of Norwood, Ontario.

² "The Chevalier" or "the Chieftain" is the Association president, Dr. E.G. "Eddie" Sinclair KCLJ DDS LDS, a Knight Chevalier in the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. These minutes were recorded by his wife, Roselma Lake Sinclair.


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