General Meeting 1973

"In 1972 the City of Toronto feted many of the clan associations which gave impetus to idea of a Clan Sinclair Association.... 1973: The inauguration of the Scottish World Festival at the Canadian National Exhibition and the prompting of John Macdonald to set up a Sinclair Clan Ass. gave rise to the first clan meeting of the immediate family."

--Roselma Sinclair  

The Clan Sinclair Society congregated at 2200 hrs. on the 20th of April, 1973, at RAIRH¹, Deep River Ont.

The President, by appointment, Chevalier Edward Gladstone Sinclair KCLJ. DDS. LDS. called the meeting to order and asked for an election of Clan Society officers; namely,

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Chevalier Sinclair assumed the Chair--since it was impossible for him to get up out of the chair (because of one too many Brandies). He was a unanimous choice.

A great furore arose over the choice of Vice President--, the women present felt this was a great opportunity for Women's Lib to have a senior office; unfortunately, there was a delicate family relationship² which made it very ticklish to vote down the male chauvinist (pig)--so Major Edward James Alexander Sinclair KLJ. BA. CD. took over the Vice Presidency.

There was an interim of at least 30 minutes while the President and the Vice President argued over the placing of achievements "behind" one's name.

The bylaws of the Grand Priory of Canada of the Military and Hospitaler Order of Saint Lazarus 1972 was thoroughly scrutinized by the Vice President who was determined that he was right. The President, being in a slightly "euphoric" condition finally gave up and the proceedings continued.--Except the President told the Secretary to "Shut up!". She immediately left the room to relieve herself.

Proceedings continued after another 30 minutes. The President and the Vice President, believing in the age old saying, "A woman's work is never done.", quickly made the appointment of Ms. Janet Le Barr-Sinclair as Treasurer since she has had vast experience of credit management in the business world. She showed reluctance at first but was cajoled and flattered into accepting the office and is eagerly anticipating setting fees and bringing down a budget.

The Vice President again had some difficulty with the President since Chevalier Sinclair kept wandering in ever increasing circles. However, the office of Secretary was still in abeyance and since there was no person left in the group who was literate, Ms. Roselma Sinclair DLJ. was made Secretary in absentia.

In spite of the continuing hub-bub of conversation, he correspondence was read;


ITEM l.   Canadian National Exhibition
Scottish World Festival Committee

John H. Macdonald, Vice Chairman and Director of PR informing the Clan Society of the dates, 16th to the 19th of August, 1973 of this year's Tattoo including Wednesday, the 15th - the Festival Ball, Four Seasons Sheraton.

Meeting was adjourned temporarily to refresh Brandy glasses where upon, involvement took place--and so, to bed.



The meeting re-convened at 1400 hrs., April 23, 1973.

The President requested that the members' memories be refreshed and so ordered--(the Secretary demurred at this lordly word so the word was amended to "requested" that the minutes were altered accordingly, read and approved in lusty fashion.

The Treasurer who was slow to speak suddenly demanded that "male chauvinist (pig)" be changed to "swine". The President and the Vice President wisely chose to be absorbed in the one piece of correspondence while the Secretary and Treasurer searched the dictionary to ascertain whether "swine" was plural. It was! Therefore, "pig” remained but became bilingual, ie. "Couchon".


ll ITEM  On the Vice President's suggestions, Tattoos were discussed. After some lengthy arguments, it was resolved that attendance at the Tattoos should be accomplished by a "stand by" flight on Tuesday evening, the 14th or Wednesday morning, the 15th by "No Wings At All" Pem-Air. It was also determined that a Hospitality SUITE should be booked under the auspices of the Society at the Four Seasons Motel.

(The "Sex-retary" rose to complain at this point that there were too many members telling her how to spell. The members ignored this justifiable complaint.)

The Vice-Pres. and Treasurer were named to act as "live-in" hosts in the SUITE for the Festival's duration.

A suggestion from the floor that an identification sign be procured for the Clan gathering was heard. It was timidly suggested by the Vice Pres. that the talented secretary might "paint one up" for the occasion:--the Secretary declined to answer so the suggestion was duly tabled.


lll ITEM  A letter was received and appropriately replied to by the President, from the Lyon-Clerk & KEEPER of the RECORDS of the Court of the Lord Lyon dated 29th of March, pertaining to the Matriculation of the Cadet Line and appropriate Differences to the Armorial Bearings in regard to his off-springs.


lV ITEM  Letter was received for Scots' Federation of Ontario dated April 17th, 1973 concerning affiliation of Clan Society and proposals for the enlargement of the Scottish Information Centre. The names of the 1973 executive are to be forwarded to John H. Macdonald, ... DON MILLS, Ont. Correspondence completed.


V ITEM The Treasurer requested that the President look into a Federal grant, Canada Council Grant or "Lost Horizons" grant.

The President asked for the members' approval to make the Treasurer responsible for further investigation on the matter.

It was decided that until a proper constitution and bylaws are set up, the Treasurer will have to delay the budget; therefore, the president and Vice President were "railroaded" into the Constitutional Committee.

The meeting recessed while the Secretary modelled the Treasurer's latest crochet creation, a Jerkin. it was such a success that the Secretary changed all her clothes in order to be suitably adorned to fit the exquisite handicraft of the Treasurer.

The meeting reassembled after 30 minutes.

The Vice Pres., who all through the session, found himself sticking to the chair (no doubt because of drops of Brandy having been carelessly spilled) was requested by the members to please not rise up when talking as this was disturbing the meeting. The Secretary was heard to mutter something to the effect that this phenomenon was due to his "hot ass").


Vl ITEM  The worthy Treasurer came up with fund raising suggestions namely:

a) External
  1. Clan Sinclair Cook Book
  2. Fleece the "Sassenachs" for the benefit of the Clan

b) Internal
  1. Encourage people to buy tickets to the World
      Festival in August
  2. A raffle
  3. A Ceilidh

The Secretary recessed to read the death notices.
Reassembled at 1530 hrs.


Some many years ago, the President made a suggestion that the Vice Pres. write a thesis for additional degrees in history. The basic research was conducted by the Chevalier on his trips to Scotland; the list of the source material unfortunately has been lost. The Vice Pres. therefore made a motion that the President contact the Public Library in Thurso to secure that information again. --CARRIED


It was moved and seconded that a copy of these minutes be sent to the Cleveland Branch³ of the Clan.

It was resolved that the next meeting be called at the discretion of the executive and when suitable liquid refreshments will have been procured by the President to quench the thirst of the executive.

The meeting adjourned at 1545 hrs.--The bar opened 30 seconds later!

(signed) E.G. Sinclair



¹ The 1973 general meeting was held at 16 LeCaron in Deep River, Ontario, which was the home of Dr. E.G. "Eddie" Sinclair and Roselma Lake Sinclair, respectively president and secretary of the association. To see Roselma's photo album, click here. These minutes are typed on legal-size paper headed by their family crest - a Sinclair cock standing between stag horns, below the motto "Semper Credens" (always trusting).

² The "delicate family relationship" here is that the vice president, Maj. E.J.A. "Sandy" Sinclair of the Lanark and Renfrew Scottish, is Eddie and Roselma's eldest son; Janet Le Barr-Sinclair, the treasurer, is Sandy's wife.

³ For Roselma and Eddie, the beginning of the Clan Sinclair Association was a 1960 family reunion in Cleveland - the first family reunion of the descendants of Alexander Sinclair (1827-1890), Eddie's great-grandfather who had emigrated to Canada in the late 1840s from Kincardine-on-Forth, Scotland. Prior to the founding of Clan Sinclair USA, American Sinclairs joined the Canada-based association.


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