Clan Gathering
Nova Scotia 1983

From Litir à Clann (Family Newsletter), October 1983 (Bulletin No 6), by the Association President, R. Malcolm "Mac" Sinclair.

I believe that the real measure of our 1983 Clan "Gathering" is the happiness and honest enjoyment so evident among those who attended our dinner/ceilidh in Antigonish and/or our church service and receiption in the Goshen community. No doubt the fact that the whole project was financially viable and the programmes went along without problems brought some serenity to those of the organizing committee, but the majority of us were there to enjoy; and enjoy, we did.

I have included re-prints of articles from the Antigonish newspaper which provide some details of our gathering and a copy of The Rev. Marion Stewart's sermon. The following notes may be of interest:

"The members of Clan Sinclair Association Canada are proud to present this memorial window depicting the clan badge and motto to the congregation of King's United Church, to commemorate the contributions which generations of Sinclairs have made to their churches, wherever they have held membership, and specifically the Sinclairs who have been a part of the life and well-being of this area and King's United Church.

"We ask you to receive this gift and to dedicate it to the Glory and Praise of God."


*An accompanying article from The Casket added the following information:



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