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This article and the accompanying photo were clipped from a Halifax newspaper.
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The Sinclairs partake of some snuff, left to right, Judge David Sinclair Bouschor, Duluth, Minn., president of the clan in the United States, Dr. Edward G. Sinclair, Norwood, Ont., president for Canada and A. Gordon Archibald, Halifax, Chairman of the International Gathering.

For the first time since Culloden [1746], the Sinclairs have gathered. This milestone took place at the International Gathering of the Clans in Nova Scotia 1979. Under the direction of Harold Sinclair of Halifax, Sinclairs came from over Canada and the United States.

On Friday, August 24, 1979, a Dinner Dance was held for some 200 Sinclairs. Attending this event was the President of the Sinclair Association of Canada, Dr. Edward Sinclair; the President of the Sinclair Association of U.S.A., Judge David Sinclair Bouschor, and the General Chairman for the International Gathering, A. Gordon Archibald.

The speaker for the evening was Rev. D.M. Sinclair, who talked about the Sinclairs settling in the New World.

After a fine dinner, Dr. Edward Sinclair charged the snuff box, emblazoned with a silver Sinclair Crest, and such was passed among the guests to participate if they chose.

On Sunday, August 26th, a "Kirking" was held at the Loch Katrine United Church of Canada, in the heart of Sinclair Country. This jewel of a country church shone resplendent white in the early morning sun, as some 250 people worshipped in the tartan-bedecked sanctuary. The sermon was delivered by the Reverend D.M. Sinclair, and the topic was "Commit Thy Work to God," the Sinclair motto.

After church, a reception was held in "The Little Red School House" in Goshen, Nova Scotia, where the ladies of the community had prepared a fine lunch. A number of Sinclairs visited the graveyard to dedicate a sign, where many of the early progenitors of the Sinclairs of Canada were buried.

It was a Great and Happy occasion, and already an undertaking is in progress for another gathering at the International Gathering in Scotland in 1981.


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