Clan Gathering 1979
Nova Scotia

This report of the Gathering of August 10-12 1979 in Nova Scotia is extracted from the Clan Sinclair Association Annual Report - Roselma Sinclair, Secretary.

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The International Gathering of the Clans/79 produced the greatest known gathering of the Clan Sinclair since the Sassenach proscription of 1745. This was due to the untiring work and efforts of the volunteer committee of Nova Scotia; namely, Jack, Bill, Harold, George, Mary, Donald and Col. John Sinclair along with their very efficient treasurer, Grace Trueman and numerous unnamed assistants.

A magnificient ceilidh was held in the Little Harbour Community Centre the night of August 10th. The hall was completely decorated with tarta, Clan badge crests and banners. Museum-quality memorabilia, pictures, legal documents and original land-grants dating back to George IV were gathered and arranged by Bill Sinclair of Ottawa. There was even a pebble from Castle Girnigoe. The attendance was well over one hundred and the dinner featured fish chowder and Atlantic salmon.

The Head Table guests were piped in by Col. John Sinclair and the guest speaker was the very witty Gaelic theologician, Dr. D.M. Sinclair. Harold Sinclair delivered the following message from the Clan Chief, the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Caithness:

"Have a tremendous evening. Sorry
I'm not with you but I am in spirit."

Mr. Gordon Archibald, the distinguished Chairman of the International Gathering of the Clans welcomed the guests on behalf of the Premier and the Province of Nova Scotia.

Greetings were brought from the newly-formed Clan Sinclair Association of the United States of America by Judge David Sinclair Bouschor of Duluth, Minnesota. Dr. E.G. Sinclair President of Clan Sinclair Association of Canada extended congratulations to the Maritime Sinclairs and encouragement to form a Maritime-Atlantic Branch. Joy was "unrefined" until the wee small hours of the morning when the orchestra adjourned then reconvened to share in the large hours of the next day.

Saturday, out-of-town visitors were entertained at the home of John and barbara Sinclair on the shores of Northumberland Straits until it was time to proceed to the Closing Ceremonies of the International Gathering of the Clans at Trenton. There, we were entertained by fiddlers, runner-up fiddlers, runners-up-to-the runners-up fiddlers to the fourth degree. The few selections heard on the pipes were excellent.

Sunday, August 12th. was a once-in-a-lifetime ecclesiastical experience at the Forbes Memorial United Church on the shores of Loch Katrine. Two pipers were in attendance and once again the tartan and Clan badges decorated the walls and chancel. An augmented choir and over-flowing congregation of clansmen and clanswomen made the service an even more memorable occasion.

After the service, we adjourned to the little red schoolhouse in Goshen. Some two hundred clansmen, visitors and area residents of the Clan partook of light refreshments and a get-to-gether, culminating in a dedication of a plaque in the hill-top cemetery behind the schoolhouse.

Before saying good-bye, discussion took place as to a meeting for 1980. The Bouschors were to look into Grandfather Mountain and McAllister College in St Paul's - Minneapolis; however, on the way back to Ontario in the bar of the halifax Airport caught up with the Mathesons from Australia and Dunedin (Blue Jays) Florida. Their Games are in late March and they promise a very attractive package deal if it is picked up STAT. Let us know if you are interested!


NEW GLASGOW, NOVA SCOTIA   AUGUST 10, 1979.          

Mr. & Mrs. George T. Kennedy Cleveland, Ohio
Mr. & Mrs. H. Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Sinclair Nepean, Ontario
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
Miss Mary Sinclair Thorburn, Nova Scotia
Mr. & Mrs. N.C. Sinclair Saint John, New Brunswick
Dr. & Mrs. E.G. Sinclair Norwood, Ontario
Judge & Mrs. David Sinclair Duluth, Minnesota
Mr. & Mrs. K. Sinclair & Ellen Newcastle, New Brunswick
Mr. T. & Barbara (Sinclair) Barnard Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
M/S Janet C. Sinclair Hunt Islington, Ontario
Mr. Bruce & Jane Sinclair Borden Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Mr. Kingsford & Hetty Sinclair Flood Rory and Shelley Halifax, Nova Scotia
M/S Lena Sinclair Smith Bridgeville, Pictou County, N.S.
Mr. Jim Sinclair Calgary Alberta
Mrs. Grace (Sinclair) Trueman New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Judy Patten Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Mr. Andrew Ian Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mr. J. & Chris (Sinclair) Patten Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
Mr. & Mrs. John Sinclair Ottawa, Ontario
Mr. George Sinclair Thorburn, Nova Scotia
Mr. Donald Sinclair Halifax, Nova scotia


AUGUST 10, 11, 12th. 1979.         

Mr. Herbert and Rose Sinclair Pictou, Nova Scotia
Mr. Austin and Beatrice Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
Miss Jessie Sinclair Nepean, Ontario
Mr. Lawrence & Myrna Sinclair New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Mr. Walter & Alma Mason County Harbour Guy's County
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Caldwell
Trenton, Nova Scotia
Mr. Clem, Jean & Karen Sinclair Middleton, Nova Scotia
Mr. J. Stan & Jane William Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mr. W. Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
M/S Charlene Albert Caraquet, Nova Scotia
Mr. Alan Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mr. Alvin & Rita Sinclair New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Mr. Dannie & Bob Porter Abercrombie, Nova Scotia
Coleen Sinclair Riverside, New Jersey
Garth & Dennis MacDonald Ottawa, Ontario
Mr. George & Marion Archibald Halifax, Nova Scotia
M/S Margaret Sinclair James Halifax, Nova Scotia
Alastair Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mr. & Mrs. D.M. Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
Joanne Mitou Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mrs. Robert MacNaughton Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Lloyd Sinclair (Grandfather
John Sinclair 4th.)
Goshen, Nova Scotia
M/S Mildred Sinclair Sutherland Goshen, Nova Scotia
Charles Hibbert & Jessie Sinclair Westville, Nova Scotia
Lena Sinclair Smith Bridgeville, Nova Scotia
M/S Winnifred Sinclair MacCulloch Bedford, Nova Scotia
Mary Sinclair Cameron Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia
Sanoda & Charles Sinclair Goshen, Nova Scotia
Mary, Stanley Edgar & Cheryl Sinclair Goshen, Nova Scotia
Alvin Sinclair New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
M/S Jessie Sinclair McHattie Loch Katrine, Nova Scotia
Robert Malcolm Sinclair Goshen, Nova Scotia
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sinclair Halifax, Nova Scotia
Mr. Clive Sinclair Middleton, Nova Scotia
M/S Bessie Sinclair Goshen, Nova Scotia
M/S Donna Miller Merigomish, Nova Scotia


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