Clan Gathering 1978
Toronto, Ontario

Extract from the Clan Sinclair Association Annual Report - Roselma Sinclair, Secretary.

A quorum of the Executive of the Clan Sinclair met in Norwood on August 21, 1978. After the once-in-a-life-time opportunity of meeting our Clan Chief, the Earl of Caithness and his beautiful wife.

It was most unfortunate that in spite of the short notice there were not more Clansmen and women able to take advantage of the reception held in the vice-regal suite of the Hotel Toronto on Thursday evening, August 17th.

The reception was hosted by the President, Dr. Edward G. Sinclair, the Cleveland Director, Mrs. George F. Kennedy and Judge Sinclair Bouschor of Duluth, Minnesota who is at present instigating an American branch of the Clan Sinclair Association. We were most fortunate in securing the services of Charles Bouschor who was not involved in the Scottish World Festival and who very ably piped in the Clan Chief and the Countess, to the assembly. The Countess of Caithness was greeted by her namesake, Miss Diana Bouschor who presented her with a wee nosegay.

The Ceilidh without song was enjoyed by everyone and much genealogical conversation was entered into by the Chief and all cousins. Before departure there was a consensus that there should be further Clan meetings and offers of sponsorship were forthcoming from many of the Toronto group.

The Chief of the Clan Sinclair was most appreciative of the gathering and was delighted with the enthusiasm shown by the participants. We all join him in hoping for a bigger and better event in the future.



Dr. & Mrs. E.G. Sinclair Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sinclair, Toronto
Mr. & Mrs. George Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Alfred G. Sinclair, Toronto
Judge & Mrs. David Bouschor Col. Ian Sinclair
David & Diana Bouschor Miss Susan Sinclair, Toronto
Mr. William Sinclair, Ottawa Mr. & Mrs. W. (Sinclair) Bell, Toronto
Miss Mary T. Sinclair, Toronto Mr. Bill Sinclair, Huntsville
Mr. & Mrs. M.H. (nee Sinclair) Binks
Mary & Andrew Binks, St Catherines



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