Flowers of the Forest

Recalling Scots mourning for the thousands fallen at Flodden Field on 9 Sep 1513, Flowers of the Forest is the name of a pipe tune and a later poem, and now is traditionally used for a roll of clan members who have gone on before.

The following appeared in Roslin O Roslin, edited by Rory Sinclair of Toronto.

Spring 1999

Charles Hipple of Beamsville and husband of the stalwart Mary Sinclair Hipple, both long time members of the Association, passed away last December after a long illness.

Donnie MacLeod, of Truro Nova Scotia, member of the Association and a very early and important member of the Nova Scotia Clan Sinclair Society, passed away suddenly in March of bone cancer.

H.S. "Pete" Cummings of Worcester Massachussetts, Genealogist and Historian of Clan Sinclair (USA) died suddenly in March. Pete was a tireless and cheerful worker and was indispensable in the success of the Westford Celebrations last September. Pete's lasting contribution to Clan Sinclair however, will be his exhaustive compilation of some 30,000 Sinclair genealogical entries in his computer records. Pete was convinced that if he got enough Sinclair entries, he would start to make connections that would eventually prove we were all related. He will be sorely missed.

Clan Sinclair (Canada) was represented at Pete's funeral by your Secretary-Treasurer, Rory Sinclair, and the U.K. Sinclairs were represented by Niven Sinclair who flew in specifically for the funeral and who spoke movingly and eloquently of Pete's contributions to Clan Sinclair. Brad Sinclair Barker, President of the Clan Sinclair (USA), who was present at the funeral as well, has written to say that he has asked Mary Selver, Secretary-Treasurer, to work with others and Pete's son David to effect an orderly transfer of the enormous amount of genealogical material that Pete had collected.


Summer 1999

Charter member of the Nova Scotia Society, Lena Smith died in March 1998. She was born in Goshen and was one of the famous Goshen Sinclairs being a double first cousin of President Bill and brothers Jack, Harold and Jessie.

Another charter member, Vera Henderson of Antigonish passed away in April, 1998. She was a poet and two of her works hang in Kings United Church in Loch Katrine.

Mary Baird Sinclair of Halifax, mother of Alasdair Sinclair, son of D.M. Sinclair and grandson of the great scholar A.M. Sinclair, author of The Sinclairs of Roslin, Caithness and Goshen, passed away on March 24, 1999 in Halifax. She was 96.

Olive Sinclair, of Toronto, sister of Barbara, Joan , Pat and Allan, all active members of the Association, passed away May 17, 1999 after a short illness.

Shirley Lundy, wife of long-time stalwart member of the Association Ray Lundy of Owen Sound Ontario, passed away December 28.

The Association sends the sympathy of its members to the families of those who have been gathered to their ancestors.


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