Flowers of the Forest

Recalling Scots mourning for the thousands fallen at Flodden Field on 9 Sep 1513, Flowers of the Forest is the name of a pipe tune and a later poem, and now is traditionally used for a roll of clan members who have gone on before.

The following appeared in Roslin O Roslin, edited by Rory Sinclair of Toronto.


Summer 1996

It is with great regret that we have to report that we have lost Bob Sinclair, one of the "originals" of the Clan Sinclair Association and one of the "originals" in terms of the human condition.

Back in the late 1980's, it was Bob who was the first Canadian Clan Sinclair contact for his cousin, Niven Sinclair. Niven, through Bob, was introduced to Mac Sinclair, then Secretary of the CSAC and it was Mac who first told Niven about the Prince Henry story. We all know what happened after that and so we all owe Bob a great debt in getting Niven involved in the Sinclair Story.

Although not well for a couple of years, this did not stop Bob from attending all Clan Sinclair functions as was his habit. Even more important, Bob always had something to add to the proceedings and his fully ripe character enlivened many a meeting.

The Clan Sinclair Association was represented at the Memorial Service in Oshawa by your editor, who played his pipes and read a letter from Niven, and by William Sinclair of Scarborough. Bob's brother Andrew spoke movingly of his relationship to Bob to 300 of his colleagues, family and friends. Bob's wife Helen and son Bruce have conveyed their thanks to the Clan for their participation in the memorial service and for the Clan's donation to the St. George's Memorial Fund.


Autumn 1997

We were informed by our Honourary President, Mac Sinclair that long-time member Elizabeth Sinclair Stephens of Kingston Ontario passed away on September 6th, 1997.

Elizabeth's brother is Canon David Sinclair of Hamilton who, along with his wife Mary are staunch supporters of the Association. Elizabeth's other brother is Dr. Duncan Sinclair, not a member of the Association, but Chair of Ontario's Health Services Restructuring Commission that is so much in the media these days.

Elizabeth is survived by her husband Harry and her sons, Matthew, Hal and Ian and our sincere condolences go to them in their loss.


Winter 1998

It is with great regret that we announce the death of the oldest member of our association G. William Sinclair originally of Goshen Nova Scotia but latterly of Etobicoke. Bill was a stalwart member of the Association of which he was a member from its earliest days. He is survived by his wife Vera who made his last days at home possible. He will be missed.

We are all saddened to hear that Mr Jim Whittall of Westford and one of the early proponents of the theory that Prince Henry got to Nova Scotia and to the area around Westford, passed away in November. Andrew Sinclair, author of The Sword and the Grail  wrote to Connie, his widow:

"May I weep with you for your husband's going away. But then, Jim will never be gone. The work and the love which he left behind him are the man, who will live forever. His piercing insight into his research on Early Sites was worthy of the highest awards in the United States. Yet pioneers of the intellect are so rarely rewarded, except by posterity, which will surely recognize what Jim did in advance of his time.

"Both Niven Sinclair and I are deeply grateful for the gift of his papers, so that we may continue some of his work into what concerned us so much - the Newport Tower and medieval archaeology. Jim had the finest qualities in any great man - generosity of spirit as well as illumination in the secrets of history.

"In sympathy for your loss,


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