Flowers of the Forest

Recalling Scots mourning for the thousands fallen at Flodden Field on 9 Sep 1513, Flowers of the Forest is the name of a pipe tune and a later poem, and now is traditionally used for a roll of clan members who have gone on before.

The following appeared in Volume 2 of Litir à Clann (Family Newsletter), edited by
R.M. "Mac" Sinclair of Kingston, Ontario.


October / November 1992

Recently I attended a memorial service for Dr. Jack Sinclair of Kingston (and until three years ago, of Toronto). Jack had a very distinguished career as a football player at Varsity in the 1920s where he was known as "Long John", as a medical doctor in the Toronto area, and as a Wing Commander (Medical Officer) throughout WW II in the R.C.A.F. He is survived by his wife Beth, a son John and a daughter Dr. Jane, both of whom are married. There are four grandchildren.


December 1992

Just after I had posted the last issue, Rory Sinclair telephoned me to say that his brother, Sandy Sinclair had died. You will recall I mentioned Sandy's tragic illness in the last issue. He gave a lot of himself to this Association, certainly in its formative stages, and we have lost a staunchly supportive member. Our sincere sympathy is sent to Roselma and her other, surviving children.


December 1993

With sincere regret we report the death, on November 4th 1993, of Reginald Charles Lundy, 41. Reg, the son of Ray and Shirley of Owen Sound, was a school teacher at Paisley, Ontario, and had been married only a very few years. He and his wife had one child, a baby boy just one year old. Ray's mother was originally a Sinclair, of the Sinclairs of Scotch Corners in Lanark County.

I am sorry to announce the death of an old friend, George S. Sinclair of Thorburn, near New Glasgow. George had been an active member of Clan Sinclair since its founding, and always made our Services of Worship at the gatherings special, through his church music. He was a highly respected member of his community and served as Organist and Choir Director in several churches in the New Glasgow district over the years.


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