Flowers of the Forest

Recalling Scots mourning for the thousands fallen at Flodden Field on 9 Sep 1513, Flowers of the Forest is the name of a pipe tune and a later poem, and now is traditionally used for a roll of clan members who have gone on before.

The following appeared in Volume 2 of Litir à Clann (Family Newsletter), edited by
R.M. "Mac" Sinclair of Kingston, Ontario.


February 1989

It is with great personal sorrow that I report to you the death of our daughter Nancy E. Neill on November 21st last. Nancy has been a great support in the ongoing development of this Association over the last six years, having been Secretary-Treasurer at one time and a constant assistant in Newsletter generation. Indeed, the article she researched and wrote for the last issue, on Hogmanay, was done with great effort during the last few weeks of her life, and signed as satisfactory to her just a few days before she expired.

Nancy was a creative, artistic person always full of life and fun. Although she knew that her cancer was not likely to be conquered, she concentrated her energies on "living" and fought a wonderfully courageous fight.... This was a Sinclair of whom we are justly proud. She is survived by her husband, John Neill, her two children, Mark & Jill Staveley, brothers Robert of St John's, Douglas of Ottawa, sister Carol McKay of Ottawa and her parents, Mac & Eileen Sinclair of Kingston.


July 1989

David Daniel Sinclair, of West Vancouver B.C. died Dec 88. David was born in 1906 at Melita Manitoba, the son of Andrew Sinclair. His grandfather was a Peter Sinclair of Scarborough, Ont. and his great-grandfather was a David Sinclair from the same area. His great-great-grandfather, Samuel, was a Scottish mariner who came to York, Upper Canada from N.B. in 1790.

Dorothy Bowman, Of Woodstock Ontario, died sometime in late 1987.

Robert Sinclair of Langley B.C., in March 1989. Although not, strictly speaking, a member of the Association, Bob was always interested to meet Sinclairs and tell about his early experiences in B.C. His brother James, of Langley, survives. These Sinclairs originate from Goshen, Nova Scotia.

Christine (Chrissie) Sinclair, née Cable, of Ottawa, died at age 34 in early May 1989 after eighteen months of fighting with cancer. She is sadly missed by her husband, Douglas G. Sinclair (son of Eileen and Mac of Kingston), her parents and siblings, and a host of admiring associates at the Public Service Alliance H.O. where she had been a staff economist.

Sarah Anne McKay, infant (stillborn) daughter of Thomas and Carol née Sinclair of Ottawa, June 30th 1989. Mourned by sister Melissa, and grandparents Mac and Eileen Sinclair of Kingston.


October 1989

Born at Oliver's Ferry (now Rideau Ferry) near Perth, Ontario, Huntly Sinclair died in the Ottawa Civic Hospital on Tuesday, April 25th, 1989, in his 90th year. Son of Robert Colin Havelock Sinclair (1864-1951) and Jennie MacDonald (1867-1917), Mr. Sinclair was a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and of Queen's University at Kingston (Commerce 1924).

A pilot in the R.F.C. during WWI, he was commissioned a Wing Commander in WWII and served in the R.C.A.F., stationed in England. At his death he was honorary president of the R.C.A.F. Gloucester A.P.A. Association.

Mr. Sinclair was a founding member of Liberal International and represented Canada on the Commission that led to the founding of UNICEF. He was pre-deceased by his wife, the late Margery Hamilton Wills, and is fondly remembered by several step-children in Britain as well as nieces and nephews in Canada.

Services were held in the Parish Church of Misarden, Stroud, Gloucestershire, with interment in the Misarden Churchyard.


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