Flowers of the Forest

Recalling Scots mourning for the thousands fallen at Flodden Field on 9 Sep 1513, Flowers of the Forest is the name of a pipe tune and a later poem, and now is traditionally used for a roll of clan members who have gone on before.

The following appeared in Litir à Clann (Family Newsletter), from the Association President, R.M. "Mac" Sinclair.


4 July 1983

George Sinclair - Pine Tree Cres., Mississauga, Ont. died 8 July 1982 - of a heart attack.

Colin Sinclair - Churchill Cres., Kingston, Ont. died 27 May 1983 - of a congenital heart problem at age 14.


June 1984

It is with a sincere sadness that I record in this issue the recent death of our Association's first Honorary President: Gordon A. Sinclair of Toronto (4 June 1900 - 3 May 1984).

I am sure that every one of our members has read or heard some news article or broadcast item paying tribute to this man's outstanding career as a world traveller, a writer of some note, an internationally renowned journalist, a regular radio broadcaster with an unbelievably large listening audience, and an extremely popular television personality. It would be ludicrous of me to repeat those things which have been so eloquently said by his professional colleagues and long time, close, friends.

We can well be proud, however, that Gordon displayed a genuine love for his heritage as a Scot and his particular pride in the Sinclair clan. He managed to wear our tartan at auspicious occasions and, indeed, at less formal events. He brought to our clan name much additional honour and fame . . . not just in Canada, but throughout the world.

I believe that Gordon was genuinely interested in our Association and pleased to be our Honorary President; for, though I did not meet with him in person, there were at least a half dozen telephone calls exchanged. He always expressed his interest and concern and sincere regret that the poor health of himself and his wife precluded their attendance at our dinners and gatherings. You may recall my reporting that his support was a major factor in the success of our stained glass window project for King's United Church at Goshen, N.S., last year.

On behalf of all members of the Clan Sinclair Association, I sent to the Gordon Sinclair family a telegram assuring them of our sympathy and condolences at the loss we have all suffered.

Mr. Murray Sinclair, who died on June 1st, 1984, was a brother of Gordon and a colleague on the Toronto Star for many years . . . along with another brother, George. Murray Sinclair moved to Tuscon, Arizona in 1944 because of an asthmatic condition, and worked there as bureau chief of the Associated Press until 1969. He is survived by his brother George, two daughters, ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild, all of Tuscon.

Clara Mae Sinclair (Mrs. Gilbert) of Arcadia, California died suddenly of a heart attack on February 11th, 1984. Gilbert has many family connections in Ontario and any who would want to write additional notes of condolence can do so at ... Arcadia, Calif. 91006.

Mr. Gordon Wilson of Perth, Ontario, who died in April had been retired for many years and had not been in very good health during these past several years. You may recall information about the Sinclairs of Scotch Corners, Ontario, set out in our Bulletin No. 3 of October 1982. Much of that information was provided by Gordon Wilson from his historical research notes.


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