The Christmas Story
in Scots

From Litir à Clann (Family Newsletter), December 1984 (Bulletin No 10), with Greetings from the Association President, R.M. "Mac" Sinclair, and the Secretary, Eileen Sinclair, here is the Scots version of Luke 2:6-14.

And it was done, quhile thai ware thar,
the dais ware fulfillit
that scho suld beire childe.

And scho baire hire first born sonn
and wrappit him in clathis,
and laid him in a cribbe;
for there was na place to him in na chalmere.

And schephirdis war in the samin cuntre
wakand and kepand the wacheingis of the nycht
on thare flock.

And lo, the angel of the Lorde stude beside thame,
and the cleirnes of God schynit about thame;
and thai dredd with gret dreed.

And the angel said to thame, Will ye nocht dreed;
for lo, I preche to you a gret joy
that sal be to all the pepile.

For a salvatour is born this day to you,
that is Crist the Lord,
in the citee of David.

And this is a takin to you: ye sall find a young child
wrappit in clathis and laid in a cribbe.

And suddanlie there was made with the angel
a multitude of hevenlie knichthede loving God,
and sayand,

Glorie be in the hieast thingis to God,
and in erd pece, to men off gude will.


All Good Wishes for a Christmas full of Joy, a New Year full of Hope.
- Mac & Eileen (Pres. & Sec.)


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