Amazing Grace

The following appeared in the CSAC newsletter Roslin O Roslin, Fall 2003 (Vol 4 No 6), edited by Antonia Sinclair. A recording of the song Amazing Grace: Spirit Song of Return, performed by the Rev. Dr. Malcolm Sinclair and Rory Sinclair, is on the CD they made for the 2000 International Clan Sinclair Gathering - available through our Shop.

At the 2000 Gathering in Scotland, the Rev. Malcolm Sinclair and Rory Sinclair of Toronto performed a beautiful new version of "Amazing Grace". Occasionally, we receive requests for a written version of the lyrics. Here they are, but if your voice isn't as good as Rev. Malcolm's, save it for the shower!

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me,
A scattered frightened castaway
Upon an angry sea.

'Twas Grace that led us through the flames
Within an evil blight,
From ancient home to agony,
To morning after night.

As we survived the rancid ships,
Their terror and their grief,
'Twas Grace that sought a greener shore
And Grace that gave relief.

We kept our tongue and sang our songs,
We called our kin by name;
The Grace of clan and memory
Is woven in our frame.

As time and tides move ever on,
This gracious tale comes home
Upon our old, familiar hills
Our Highland spirits burn.

Amazing Grace, how bright the flame
That warms and welcomes me,
A newly gathered wanderer
Who danced upon the sea.

By G. Malcolm Sinclair
(For the Clan Sinclair Gathering 2000)


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